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Acrylic Print nphoto wall art for professional photographers photo under glass nphoto
Acrylic Print nphoto wall art for professional photographers crystal wall decor cover

Acrylic Print

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One of the most popular professional photo products combined with the most sought after medium with our Acrylic Print wall decor.

This absolutely breathtaking product features an image printed on a smooth, matte-finish, professional-grade paper set beneath a striking 6mm acrylic plate then elevated on 8mm MDF wall mounts.

The stunning acrylic face is refined to perfection with a state-of-the-art diamond-end mill leaving a flawless, glass-like acrylic cover that also adds optical depth to the product.


Available formats

Sizes are provided accordingly in both inches and millimeters below. Currently our Acrylic Prints are available in the following formats:


A glass-like finish and a high-end gallery look

Acrylic Print

1. 6 mm acrylic plate

2. A smooth, matte-finish, professional-grade paper

Product features


Nothing is more eye-catching than our Acrylic Print. Impressiveness at it’s finest; watch as the smooth, glass-like surface of the prints perfectly refined acrylic face glistens in the light. Available in 5 sizes and all orientations, this product will make sure your artwork gets go noticed.

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Acrylic Print

About Acrylic Prints

Accentuate your professional photographic prints and wall-art with a crystal clear, glass-like acrylic face in our Acrylic Prints. The acrylic cover not only protects but also enhances the image it covers by adding an enticing optical depth. 

Beneath the 6mm acrylic cover, lies your artwork printed on a fine, smooth, matte paper. The image is printed using inkjet technology coupled with pigment inks. These pigments inks differ slightly to dye-inks as their more fortified nature makes them more durable, resistant to fading, and smudge resistant than dye inks. Moreover, pigment inks are lightfast and, therefore, ideal for photos on constant display. 

All this means your Acrylic Print has been engineered by us at nPhoto to be the absolute best combination of materials to produce the most stunning effects possible with professional wall-art photo products. 

Even more, this product comes included with a microfiber cloth for easy self-cleaning and is pre-fit with hangers and ready to display right out of the box. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included with the wall decor products.

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Our Acrylic Print is the quintessential wow wall-art piece. You can also use our other Wall Decor products as an up-selling tool.