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Summer Samples - Photo Book Pros & Sets

Friday, May 17, 2019 - 16:08
Sample Photo Book Pro

Good things don't have to come to an end. We know how valuable new samples are for your studio.

Simply select and design any Photo Book Pro or Complete Photo Book Pro Sample and contact your sales representative for a sample code, or apply the one you have in the appropriate place before checkout.

But, why choose a Photo Book?

Why Order a Photo Book?

Photo books have many uses for the professional photographer. They are essentially the Swiss Army professional photo product that can be used for anything from a guest signing book to a more economical alternative to albums – yet equally as impressive. 

Let's pause to expand on that for a minute; photo books are the perfect medium for those special, or miscellaneous occasions you shoot that might not call for the all-out decadence of an album. These could be: school ceremonies, engagement shoots (if done separately from the wedding), birthday events, anniversaries, family functions the list goes on. Again, these circumstances certainly call for something special, but maybe not all the bells and whistles are necessary – cue the Photo Book Pro. 

Now’s the perfect time to stock up your studio with a Photo Book Pro or Complete Photo Book Pro Sample and give your clients another option. Remember: a successful studio is a studio with a diverse product offering.  

Which Photo Book?

Include any collection, any size, as either a stand-alone Photo Book Pro, OR a Complete Photo Book Pro Set. Complete Sets include a full Photo Book Pro, a USB (optional), and a matching, hand-crafted box. 

Our Photo Book Pro line is available in 4 stunning collections as a stand-alone photo book, and as a Complete Set. As a stand-alone photo book you can choose from among our Acrylic Prestige, Creative 100%, Exclusive, and Gamma Collections. For a Complete Set you have the option of either Acrylic Prestige, or Exclusive.

In case you’re new to us, our Acrylic Prestige Collection is enchantment exemplified with a stunning crystal, acrylic-plated cover that both protects and accentuates your extraordinary cover photo.

Meanwhile, our Exclusive Collection gives you access to all the creative options we offer. Don’t forget to have a look at our horizontal-orientation 30×42cm Photo Book Pro Complete Set now available in our Exclusive Collection.

Available as Stand-alone Photo Book Pros

Creative 100% is a complete design-without-borders experience. Select our Creative 100% Collection as it allows you to add your own photo to the cover in either a glossy, or matte laminate finish. Perfect personalisation every time.

With our Gamma Collection, a relative newcomer to this product, you are provided a selection of over 20 stylish, pre-designed patterns to give the cover of your product that extra pop. Speaking of which, to go the extra mile, select a pre-designed pattern with Swarovski Crystals inlays to really have your product shine. For an efficient and effective solution; see our Gamma Collection.

Whether you decide on a Complete Set, or stand-alone Photo Book; and no matter which collection you select, the Photo Book Pro affords you the choice of one of four paper options. You can include either Arctic Matte (170 gsm); Felix Schoeller Lustre (190 gsm); Mohawk Eggshell Matte (148 gsm); and Mohawk Eggshell Matte (216 gsm). For more information about the papers available in our Photo Book Pro and the differences between them see Photo Book Pro: Paper Options.

How to Use a Photo Book?

As mentioned above, there are many uses for our Photo Book Pro. Moreover, they are suitable for any and all types of professional photography. Simply cater the product to fit your style and demands.

For example, if you're a newborn photographer perhaps you select a smaller size such as the 30 x 20cm Creative 100% Photo Book Pro with the soft resonance and sharp contrast of the Arctic Matte paper. Or, if you're a wedding photographer perhaps you go big and take advantage of our horizontal size options - the Exclusive Collection's 30 x 42 cm. You can combine that with a vintage-finish Mohawk Eggshell Matte, or powerful Felix Schoeller Lustre paper depending on your style and client's desires. Our Photo Book Pro has equally powerful applications for portrait photography, pet photography, boudoir/glamour, even travel and landscape photography. Assuredly, all types of professional photographers can find use for this product. 

Also, to drive another point home that was alluded to earlier, keep a Photo Book Pro on hand to cover a different tier of the photo product spectrum. Advertise it as a stand-alone product, or use it as an excellent upselling tool and combine it with a Photo Album as a great gift to other family members and loved ones. 

The uses for Photo Book Pros are truly endless; and with the price point being lower than an album the opportunity they offer is unmatched. 

Design in minutes with the Online Designer, Templates, and our partners' software.


Sample Photo Book Pro at a Discount

Summer samples indeed. As a professional photographer, you are entitled to purchase up to 3 sample products in a calendar year (see sample policy for more details). Remember: Add your discount code (if any) in the appropriate section before checking out.


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