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The Gift Boxes So Far...

Thursday, May 11, 2023 - 12:58
Various eco friendly gift boxes for different nphoto products

The latest Eco-Friendly Gift Boxes

Most of you probably recognise them already - and we can say this in confidence, as our sales statistics show a level of popularity that even surpassed our own expectations. The main characteristic of these products is their unique “pattern”, which is derived from the production method incorporating used coffee grounds - thus making every single box unique to some degree!

Where did the idea come from?

Why, your needs and expectations, of course! We were given market signals for a demand in packaging which could be used to give your clients their Photo Albums, Prints, Triplexes & other products with a little more presentation value. You also requested for the product to be inexpensive & usable with a wide variety of packages. Environmental friendliness was also a motivator. All of this, and the packaging still needed to look appealing. After much trial & error, we believe to have found a perfect combination of these things put together. It all began with packaging for Photo Albums and Complete Sets, but now we’ve expanded Gift Boxes to:

  • Prints (15x23 & 15x21cm)
  • Pendrive Boxes
  • Accordion Mini Books
  • Boxes for Prints, without pendrive (15x23cm)
  • Pendrives (standard size)
  • Triplexes (15x15 & 15x23cm)

It’s not over yet!

We’ll keep working on these boxes, so that the list of compatible products can continue to expand. This brings us to a pair of important questions for you, the reader: which other nPhoto products would benefit from Gift Boxes the most? What Gift Box size option are you most likely to use? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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