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Small means beautiful. Meet our Retro Prints.

Friday, April 28, 2023 - 11:01
Retro Prints on a line

Retro Prints - a new addition to prints from nPhoto!

When nPhoto’s R&D team begins their work on a new product, there’s always one clear goal in their minds - that said product is made to inspire happiness and joy, first and foremost. And what’s small is often capable of creating those emotions more than anything else in the world - because small things are beautiful. With this thought in mind, we’ve first started crystallising the idea with our Accordion Mini Books, and have now come to our new Retro Prints! These precious, little prints evoke a similar feeling to what one would get upon witnessing an old photograph - except, in our take on the idea, they have the added benefit of being more modern and longer lasting. They’re already available & ready to order, so let’s cover them in more detail!

Before we begin, let’s consider something for just a moment: How many vivid memories could be stored on a print sized at 4x4.7” / 10x12cm? Much more than you’d think! And just 25 of such prints is enough to be considered as a whole collection of such memories. Like a deck of cards, a full set of Retro Prints consists of 25 framed photos, which can be customised with your own text - it could be a name, a quote or even a date, whatever you wish it to be.

Retro Prints - All to your liking

As we love giving you choices that matter, we’ve developed two distinctive “versions” of this product:

The Base version

25 Prints - no more, no less. Packaged in an eco-friendly paper package with a cutout window. It’s the same packaging material as the one used in our Eco Gift Boxes, albeit slightly thinner, at 250g/m2. You’ll find this option waiting for you in our nShop when designing a new product.

The Upgraded version

Contains all of the above, but with some added features! A mini wooden photo stand, wooden photo clips, and an eco-friendly string that can be used in conjunction with said clips for a truly modern presentation of your work - something that borrows from retro & boho themes and combines them into one cohesive product. The whole bundle will be delivered to you inside of an Eco Gift Box, made from that classic coffee paper that you may already know & love.

You’ll be able to expand your core product into this kit by selecting it in the add-ons window once it has been added to your cart.

Asides from these two main distinctions, you may also choose the paper type we’ll use to print out your photos from among these two:

Mohawk Eggshell - A thick, rigid paper with a unique matte finish, measured at 324g/m2.

Felix Schoeller Lustre - A matte paper with a thickness of 290g/m2 - while slightly thinner, it’s also lighter yet surprisingly resistant to cuts and fingerprints, with a tad smoother finish on its surface when compared to the Mohawk.

We’re very curious to see how you’ll use this new type of print - if you have any thoughts or ideas, we’d be honoured to have you share them on our facebook community groups - be sure to let us know!

Retro Prints - Bite sized, with possibilities to chew on.

Our personal suggestion (and one that will come almost naturally to many seasoned photographers) would be to pair these prints with a larger, more standout print product - such as an Album or Photobook Pro. Retro Prints would serve exceptionally well as a gift for close ones, not unlike our Accordion Mini Books, making them a decent alternative or even a complementary addition to said Accordions.

The number of opportunities for these prints to be offered is countless. They can even serve as an excellent entrée to get the client more invested in wall decor & other similar products, thanks to their simple & practical presentation.

Above all else, the base price reflects the product’s “starter” nature and won’t burn a hole in your wallet, even if handed out in the same fashion as our Accordion Mini's - so feel free to experiment with your offer and go wild!

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