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Special Offers you can use all year round - 2+1 and 3MAX

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 14:01
Special Offers you can use all year round - 2+1 and 3MAX

Get 3 Photo Albums for the cost of 2

We’re of course mentioning the 3MAX and 2+1 bundle albums, also known as companion albums.


The 3MAX offer will get you 3 identical 12x12” albums, but the total price will only amount to 2 of them. You only need to design the project once, since every album uses it. You can choose any album collection here (Exclusive, Acrylic Prestige, Creative, etc.) except for the Glamour Collection, so there are plenty of ways to customise your albums – it doesn’t have to be for weddings only!


Here’s what the 2+1 bundles offer:

2+1 Small: One 12x12” and two 8x8” albums.
2+1 Medium: One 12x12” and two 10x10” albums.
2+1 Large: One 18x12” and two 12x8” albums.

Whether you need an extra wedding album for parents or a set of albums for any special occasion, these offers should at least give you more ways to go about doing it!

To get to these, you’ll need to open up the full products list by choosing „Select Product” in your customer area, then picking „Photo Albums” > „Photo Album Only” and finally „Parent Album Packages”. You’ll find four options there.


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