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Layflat flushmounted Photo Albums for Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photo Albums

Offer your clients unique, professional wedding albums that will be passed down for generations. From stand alone Wedding Albums, Photo Albums completed with a Box, Parent Album packages to a wide offer of complementary products - we have all you need to build profitable wedding photography packages from small to large, from affordable to the most luxurious. 

Premium Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Albums

Say ‘I do’ to nPhoto’s Wedding Albums. If you are looking for the best wedding photo albums to add to your wedding photography offer, you've made it to the right place. Wedding album printing is what we specialise in. Our professional wedding photo albums are made in-house by our team of skilled artisans. Built to last a lifetime. Our flush mount, lay-flat Photo Albums are available in 6 distinctive cover collections from the eye-catching Acrylic Prestige to super versatile Exclusive collection.

Personalised Wedding Albums

Personalised Wedding Albums

Give your clients a product with the ‘wow’ effect - a keepsake with a personal touch. Complete the cover with clients’ names, important dates, or add your logo on the back and create a truly personalised Photo Album that will be enjoyed for years to come. Choose from: UV printing, laser-etching, embossing or stamping (material dependant) for personalising the cover. Take your custom wedding photo albums to the next level and offer metal corners, seamed edges, or rounded corners as an option. With nPhoto, your possibilities of creating a genuine family heirloom for your clients are endless. 

Wedding Photo Albums with a Box and USB -  Complete Set

Complete Set - Best seller among Wedding Photographers

Want to know the secret of our successful wedding photography clients? It’s our Complete Set - a bestselling product for weddings. Complete Set is a 3-in-1 package: main product + Box + USB (optional). For the main product choose Photo Album, DreamBook 4K or Photo Book Pro. A Box, with an identical cover as in the main product, gives extra protection to precious memories stored inside. Add USB and give your clients a digital option as well. If you want the very best for your couples, seek no more.

Wedding Photo Album Book

Wedding Photo Books

How to tell a good love story? With a Photo Book! We offer various types of professional wedding photo books for photographers. Our premium Photo Books with soft pages: Photo Book Pro and DreamBook 4K, with the first turn of the page, quickly prove they are no second-rate to Photo Albums. Dreambook 4K is a hinged, semi lay-flat photo book printed with Canon DreamLabo 5000. Photo Book Pro is a popular and modern alternative to our Wedding Photo Albums. Photo Book Basic is a budget-friendly option, a nice addition to your offer as a guest sign-in book or an engagement photo book.

Custom Wedding Guest Book

Wedding Guest Books

Perfect idea for upselling and a great reason to propose a pre-wedding photo session to your clients. Equip your studio with a sample guest sign in book and expose your clients to this amazing idea. Regular signature books can’t compare to a personalised wedding guest book filled with your couple’s engagement photography. A must-have if you aim to build smart, comprehensive wedding packages. 

Wedding Photo Wall Art

Wall Art for Wedding Photographers

Let your images be seen! A perfect upsell product to heirloom Photo Albums and other print products you offer in your wedding collections. Quick and easy to design. Always on display as a home decor accent, a wedding wall art piece is very likely to become your couples’ favorite keepsake they will get from you. Choose from: Acrylic Prints, Metal Prints, Framed Prints, and more. Available in 8 size options and three orientations: landscape, portrait, and square.

Wedding Photography Packages

Build your wedding photography packages

Photography is forever. Print products elevate your photos and help people better understand how valuable your work is. Whatever your style, our product offer has all you need to build well-thought-of, comprehensive wedding photography packages. We offer products from basic and affordable to high-end and luxurious. Most of our products are divided into cover collections such as Acrylic, Exclusive and more making it easier for you to mix and match products across the offer.

Around the world in weddings pdf

Wedding Sample Guide

Studio samples - try them, fall for them! Overwhelmed with options? We offer many alternatives for cover collections, paper types, and materials to make sure every photographer finds the right option for their genre, brand, and clients’ tastes. Nevertheless, we understand that when you face the creation of the perfect studio sample, it may be quite a difficult choice. For this reason, we created a free e-book with 70 ideas and inspirations for the best wedding photography studio sample. You will also find tips from award-winning photographers on selling and upselling your products.

Paret Albums - Wedding Photo Albums for Parents

Parent Wedding Albums

A must-have in your wedding photography offer and a great way to make extra sales with little extra effort. Couples often have a dilemma about what “thank you” gifts to choose for their parents or grandparents to express their gratitude. Add Wedding Photo Albums for Parents to your wedding collections and help your clients to understand that companion Photo Albums are a beautiful, personal way to thank loved ones for their support.

Bestselling Collections

Acrylic Prestige Photo Album Collection
exclusive cut out window collection
Luxury Wedding Albums
Swarovski Collection Wedding Album

Our Photo Albums are available in a wide range of cover collections. Discover cover collections most recommended for wedding photography.


Our free designing software with pre-built templates will help you to design your product in minutes.

Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 1
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 2
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 3
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 4
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 5
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 6
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 7
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 8
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 9
Wedding Album by Vivid Symphony 10


Do you sell directly to the newlyweds?

nPhoto is created to serve photographers only. You will not be able to access pricing unless you register an account on our website and provide a link to your portfolio. If you are not a photographer but you fell in love with our products (we can’t blame you ?), send a link to our website to your wedding photographer. Beautiful, professional photography deserves high quality, professional encasement.

Do you offer dropshipping?

We always emphasize the importance of meeting your clients for Wedding Album delivery. It’s an important part of a photographer's business and marketing strategy - a great opportunity to enhance overall customer experience and gain loyal clients. However, we understand it’s not always possible to meet in person. When placing your order you can provide your client’s address we will ship your parcel directly to. We never enclose invoices or any other pricing details in our parcels unless you ask for it. Invoices are digital and sent to your email inbox upon placing an order. 

How can I design a Photo Album?

Once you're personalised your Photo Album in the nShop and added the product to you cart you can start designing. In the cart next to your album you will have two buttons: Design Online and Upload Files. We recommend designing online in our free designing software, the nDesigner. Design your album in minutes. Drag and drop your images onto the spreads and easily make any adjustments needed.

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What is your minimum spread count? Maximum?

Photo Albums start at 5 rigid, layflat spreads (10 pages) and are available up to 40 rigid layflat spreads (80 pages).

What is the turnaround time?

Standard turnaround time is 8 business days, leaving 4 days for production and 4 days for delivery. During peak season turnaround may be extended, we will be informing you of any changes via our website as well as our private Facebook Community groups: nPhoto Community (UK), nPhoto Community USA.

nPhoto Community Europe nPhoto Community USA

Do you offer studio samples?

Yes! We provide samples of all our photo products. Read more about samples in our Sample Policy.

How to place an order?

To place an order with us, make sure you're registered and logged in. Once you log in, go to the Customer Area and select the big green button labeled 'nShop' (you can't miss it). This will redirect you to the nShop where you can select the product you would like to order and add it to your cart. Then you'll need to design your product, we recommend taking advantage of our free designing software, the nDesigner. Design your album in minutes. Drag and drop your images onto the spreads and easily make any adjustments needed. More on our nDesigner here. Once you're finished and satisfied with your design, click the 'Order' button in your cart and follow the details to complete your order.

Can I add my logo on products?

Yes! Depending on the product and the cover material, you can add your logo as a Laser Etch, UV Print, or Stamp.

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Vlad Radion Wedding Photographer
Vlad Radion
Wedding Photography

Every wedding photographer needs to think about the final printed product. nPhoto offers the best product line up with exceptional customer service. We proudly offer nPhoto's products to our clients knowing that they will last forever and represent our company's core values.

Michelle Shafer
Michelle Shafer
Wedding Photography

nPhoto not only gives me the best of the best for my clients, they also take it a step further with their unique products. From their incredible Stackable Wall Art to their amazing Complete Acrylic Album Set, nPhoto has NEVER disappointed me or my clients! They definitely have me as a client for life! 


Watch Emily and Ryan Burhop, wedding photographers, owners of EMRY Photography, unboxing their Wall Decor products by nPhoto.

Complement your wedding packages

Engagement Photography Folio Box
Acrylic Print for Portrai and wedding photographers

We have all you need to build wedding photography packages tailored to your business. Don’t limit your product offer to Photo Albums only. Add extra photo products to your collections to help clients enjoy their precious memories in more ways.