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Reach for the stars with 2024’s Festival of Samples!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - 12:00
Festival of Samples 2024

The Festival of Samples is back & ready to turn your portfolio into a star of the show!


Among other extras, we’re offering you an 80% discount for a whole selection of mainstay product samples. Read on below to learn more.

Every in-person sales meeting is an opportunity - one that leads to learning more about your client and hopefully increasing your revenue for that year. The opportunity doesn’t just end there; every photo session results in a number of photos that you can be proud of, photos that your client can adore. Among those photos, you may find a few in particular that stand above the rest, ones that exemplify the work you do and all that you strive for. Your guiding stars.


Those photos present you with yet another opportunity - one that comes as a result of the opportunity mentioned above which can also help you create more opportunities down the line. They can do this by showing your future clients that by booking a photo session with you, they will get something truly amazing that only you can provide. And to do that, they need to be viewed at their very best: in the form of a physical portfolio.

This is what our festival of samples will help you accomplish.

Your guiding stars will lead the way to future sales, but they must first help your portfolio shine. Once you have a star-studded cast of samples that all contain your best work, you can let them do the talking for you at your next IPS meeting; the number of opportunities will only grow. And as new opportunities arrive each year, so will our festival of samples, ensuring that your portfolio is always up-to-date.

Samples waiting to shine

Stars come in different forms and sizes. As such, our offer for this year will let you order up to 3 sample products at 80% off, including:

  • Photo Albums

  • Photo Books

  • Complete Sets with Photo Albums or Photo Books

  • Lite Albums

  • Folio Boxes

  • Triplexes

  • Boxes for Prints

  • Softcover Photo Books

  • Any Wall Decor products of your choosing

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Sometimes, two stars form in close proximity to one another, becoming binary stars. These companions can put on a great lightshow when working together. In a similar manner, the Accordion Mini Book can greatly complement any other print product when presented as an add-on - which is why you can grab a sample of one at just 1 USD/GBP/EUR, should you order any sample product from the list above.

We know that having an impressive portfolio at hand doesn’t mean much without the client interest that comes from promoting your offer online. With that in mind, we’ve also prepared a new set of marketing materials to help those stars rise to the top. These consist of:

  • Mockups: Product photos that allow you to display your own work inside them, helping to spread it far and wide

  • Product videos: starring the Triplex, Folio Box & Accordion Mini Book

  • Social media templates: for laying out your offer with ease

Still undecided as to which sample you should try? We've created a handy, short quiz that aims to discover which Festival of Samples product suits your needs the most!


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It’s good to celebrate one’s own achievements from time to time, especially when those achievements can land you more bookings. We hope that you’ll take part! And once the bookings start coming, you can take advantage of our free shipping offer that can be found in your cart. This offer will be automatically activated upon meeting the required order value in your cart.


Terms and conditions:
This offer entitles you to order 3 sample products at 80% off. Choose between: Photo Album (standalone or as part of a Complete Set), Photo Book Pro (standalone or as part of a Complete Set), Lite Album, Folio Box, Triplex, Box for Prints, Softcover Photo Book, or any product from the Wall Decor category. In addition, by ordering at least one sample you are also eligible for an Accordion Mini Book at 1USD/EUR/GBP.

The sample discount can be used within one order, or throughout several, separate orders. To use the discount, design a relevant product in your cart and enter the discount code into the appropriate field. Upon doing so, prices will be automatically reduced. Products ordered as a part of this offer will be discreetly labeled with "SAMPLE PRODUCT." USB pendrives found in sample products will not contain any built-in memory. Offer valid through the 22nd of April, 2024. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product(s). For clients based in the US & outside of Europe, the discount code will only apply with Fedex as the chosen shipping method


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