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Thinking about the upcoming ordering season? We are! | 2022 Deadlines

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 08:53
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This has always been a difficult part of the year for us, hence why we’ve been preparing for a considerable amount of time. It’s a test of our collective abilities: logistics, supplies, organisation & much more. Year by year, we battle time itself as an influx of orders starts rolling in. Winter is coming, both figuratively and literally, and we’re up to the challenge. We’ll do everything we can, to ensure that you and your clients will get to cherish those photos before Christmas eve!

As such, we’re sharing our pre-holiday deadlines now. We hope that it’ll allow you to plan things ahead accordingly!

To view the current list of deadlines, all you'll need to do is log in & open up your customer area. Click "view pre-holiday deadlines" which will be found directly underneath the main menu.

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Remember, don’t leave your orders until the very last minute!

This part of the year is busy for you, for us and for shipping providers.

If at all possible, design & order your print products over time as smoothly as you can. Don’t hesitate until absolutely every product is ready to be ordered in one go, as a steady stream of orders will allow our production to send everything out to you in a timely manner, as opposed to compressing everything to the absolute last deadline.

We’re counting on you & your organisational skills! Your clients are counting on those pre-holiday orders too.

- nPhoto Team

Frequently asked questions during the ordering season

  • Do orders take longer to make during the season?

Oftentimes, because of their sheer number, they do. This has to do with the severe strain that’s being put both on our production team and our printing equipment. Several processes can take longer if they all use the same type of technology and need to be done at the same time, and a larger list of orders directly affects their completion rate in terms of packaging and sorting. Of course, this calls for an obscene amount of preparation on our side - 24 hour production, weekend shifts, temporary staffing increases by the hundreds, and machines that aren’t switched off for days at a time. When we say that we do everything we can to reduce order delays, we mean it! Nevertheless, the ordering season often abides by its own whims, and even with everything we’ve mentioned, you shouldn’t completely write off the risk of an extended production time.

  • Is it guaranteed that my order will be shipped in accordance with these deadlines?

Every year we attempt to do our absolute best in that aspect, and this year is no exception. In addition to preemptively increasing our production’s employee count, we’re also stocked up on all of the most often-used materials and supplies. Our printers are routinely checked and serviced for minimal downtime. It’s safe to say that we’re operating at peak efficiency. However, all of this still won’t suffice for a guarantee, as unforeseeable things can always happen: equipment breakdowns, power outages, production coordinators falling ill, and who-knows-what-else. This is why we must once again underline the importance of not leaving your order to be made until the very last moment. If the orders come in early, we have a chance to react in case anything does happen, and you have much better chances of getting those beautiful photos sent to you before Christmas.

  • Can my order be expedited/Can I use express production? I’d be willing to pay extra, if…

No. Interfering with our production line by putting orders ahead of schedule, especially in this part of the year, can cause unnecessary disturbances in our production cycles, which are already strained at this time. We can’t risk extending the production time for other people's orders.

  • Can I still order samples during this period of time?

If the date for a given offer happens to be set within the ordering season, you’ll be free to do so! However, we normally don’t produce samples between the 15th of November and 10th of January.


  • Can I place non-standard orders during this time?

Unfortunately, no - between the 15th of November, 2022 and the 31st of January, 2023, we won’t be able to create products with custom parameters.

  • How can I check my shipping status?

Your customer area’s order history will usually let you monitor ongoing shipping details, but please be aware that sometimes overworked shipping providers may not update the package status on their end. Our customer service often receives queries for orders that were already sent out, but have a status which claims that they have never left our facility.

Additional information

  • Paid replacements for smaller parts of a full order won't be possible during the ordering season. (15th of November - 31st of January)
  • Separating orders into multiple packages will not be possible.
  • The deadlines listed take place at 4PM GMT.
  • Deadlines assume that orders placed before them are complete, i.e. no changes or project fixes need to be applied. 
  • Orders will be shipped once paid in full.
  • Customer service will only be available by email between the 21st-23rd and 26th-30th of December, 2022.
  • Requests made to our claims department post-deadline will most likely be resolved after Christmas.


We'll update you on any sudden changes here, should they arise.

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