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Grand Gallery Photo Book - sure to make an impact

Wednesday, August 7, 2019 - 10:54
nPhoto Grand Gallery Photo Book Pro sure to make an impact

What Exactly is this ‘Grand Gallery Photo Book’?
The awe-inspiring photo book: the Grand Gallery Photo Book. Available the behemoth size of 28x20" / (70x50cm) or 20x28" / (50x70cm) nothing will stand out as much as this gem. This photo book is printed on the HP Indigo 12000 with a seven-dye, fortified ink producing incredible colour output and image quality. Additionally, you can select among three paper options to further accentuate your work: Mohawk Eggshell 216 gsm, Mohawk Eggshell 148 gsm, Arctic Matte 170 gsm, or Felix Schoeller Luster 190 gsm.

Leave your clients or potential clients speechless. The size of this product combined with the highly-detailed, state-of-the-art print system will finally do your artwork justice. Choose between 60 – 120 pages to fill this marvelous display piece. Customise the Grand Gallery Photo Book to match your brand and image with your choice of six stylish textile options; with the option to impose any text or your own custom logo with UV printing technology.



What’s the Purpose of nPhoto’s Grand Gallery Photo Book?
This product is made to be displayed, so display it. The Grand Gallery Photo Book is a show-stopping, stop-dead-in-your-tracks, head-turning, jaw-dropping print product. Have one on-hand and on display in your studio and any other photography events, or any other places you market your business and services and watch as you quickly steal the show and become the talk of the town.

This product, in all seriousness, is a professional photographer’s dream-come-true. It’s large size and highlights, and accents the details of the professional artwork it contains. With this in mind, the Grand Gallery Photo Book is also ideal for use as a stunning portfolio. There is no better way to show off your work than by revealing your work in a Grand Gallery Photo Book. Let your portfolio leave a lasting impression and your work will never be forgotten.


But Why is a Grand Gallery Photo Book Essential?
The Grand Gallery Photo Book will get you noticed. It truly is that product that will make you stand-out amongst your peers. Imagine the effect of a client having their first encounter of your work in a museum-sized display piece. They’ll be immersed in the most engaging experience imaginable and emerge eager to get their hands on a print product of their own.

You sell what you show, and if you show print and are passionate about it, it will rub off on your clients as well. “When you get lit up your clients are going to fed off that energy and be like ‘you’re right, I need that X, Y, Z.” - Megan DiPieiro, professional photographer and professional photography business mentor. What professional photographer wouldn’t love to display their artwork in a large-format book that seems reserved for priceless, masterpieces?


How Do I Use the Grand Gallery Photo Book to Make More Sales?
Get yourself a Grand Gallery Photo Book, and display it front and center, so your potential clients notice it, then you can explain to them – eyes all lit up – just what it is and why print is so important. Even if they don’t walk away with larger-than-life prints, they’ll feel an urge to buy a printed product from a respected, passionate artist – after all, who else would display their work in such a way? A photographic artist that sells prints and commands – not demands – respect: that is an experience that will certainly make you stand-out.

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