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Get Schooled in Graduation Photo Albums

Friday, March 4, 2022 - 15:36
Graduation Photo Albums

Some people consider their high school senior year graduation to be just as important of an event as their wedding. A senior photographer must use this to their advantage.

Consider the cultural significance of the senior year. It is a self-sustaining phenomenon, with one generation passing the tradition to the next. Each high school graduate has to get through it, and the experiences, friendships and priorities acquired throughout, often stay with them forever.

So, how could you not consider such a pivotal moment in life to be on the same level of importance as a wedding? 

…and such occasions are surely deserving of their own album. An album that is meant to last for just as long as a wedding album, to be passed down from generation to generation as a piece of family history.

One who keeps photos of all the most momentous parts of their life will have a better time introspecting, by starting from an album consisting of their childhood, then proceeding to one of their senior year, then getting to their wedding album, and so on. This kind of connection to one’s past can’t be achieved in a better and easier way.

Lastly, once the next-of-kin will be able to see a set of senior photographs, they will come to understand why their own future senior year photographs will be important to them as well.

For the quick digest - by far, the most popular product for seniors is the Acrylic Prestige Photo Album. Easy to design, massively customizable - and its acrylic windows are perfect for showing what it’s all about. The graduates love it, their families love it, and years down the line the grandkids will as well.

To show just how provably relevant this genre is, we’ve created a dedicated page for Senior Photographers - for one to explore and find out just what can be added to the rhetorical Senior Photography table.

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