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New Photo Album Spine and Cut-Out Window Changes

Monday, August 21, 2023 - 14:45
New Photo Album Spine

The Photo Album is one of our most ordered photo products. Therefore, it's important to us that it meets our high-quality standards and that they bring joy to your customers for many generations to come. So, we've implemented a product change that elevates the Photo Album to an even higher quality standard. 

What else is changing? We've also taken a closer look at the cut-out windows; only a few picture windows are being removed for specific formats and good reasons. Just a heads-up: the formats of the photo albums remain unchanged. Only the spines are changing. And, Both changes will take effect on August 30th, GMT +2. 

Quality Enhancement: Product Changes in the Photo Album

We've introduced a more robust spine to ensure the Photo Album lasts longer. Visually, only the spines have changed from round to flat, but they're now more durable, bringing great advantages! This optimization is particularly significant for larger book blocks, such as Photo Albums with over 30 pages. The new spine creates less tension between the cover and the block, increasing the durability of the photo album. Additionally, a sturdy spine contributes to better protection during transportation, reducing the risk of bending.

Photo Album Spine: New Appearance 

In general, the visual appearance of the Photo Album spine will change (as mentioned, the formats and sizes remain unchanged), making it a more durable product. Plus, we took a closer look at various photo products lined up side by side on the shelf and realized that the Photo Album with its previous rounded spine stood out from the other photo products.

Visual Consistency

Another plus to consider? With the flat spine, visual consistency is now ensured among all our products. When a Photo Album, a Photo Book Pro DreamBook 4K, or Complete Set Box sits side by side on the shelf, everything now looks uniform.

With the rounded spines, this wasn't necessarily the case, as the previous spines were arranged slightly differently depending on the number of pages. So, you'll certainly appreciate the new, flat spine.

And one more positive effect: A flat spine provides space for inscriptions. We're considering this possibility and will let you know if it becomes technically feasible in the future.

Photo Products with Cut-Out Windows 

Picture windows being removed will be visible in a separate picture window module in the nShop. Starting from August 30, 2023, at GMT +2, you'll be able to see which picture windows formats will be affected by this change. For picture windows that'll no longer be offered in the future, an additional charge will apply (so you can still order them for an extra fee until the end of the year).

This change affects all photo products in which we offer picture windows (including their boxes), i.e., the Photo Album, Photo Book Pro, DreamBook 4K, and the Traditional Self-Mount Album. However, it only affects specific picture windows in certain photo product formats. Why? You might've noticed that not all the cut-out windows look as spectacular in some album sizes as they do for others. In some cases, the proportions weren't right, or finding a suitable photo for a specific album size was difficult. For example, a long and narrow picture window. These sizes weren't ordered often or rarely, so we decided to implement this change.

So far, cut-out windows could be ordered for several formats. However, a small cut-out window looks better on a smaller product than this same small cut-out window on a larger-sized product. That’s why some formats are being eliminated in some size and format options.

Instead of a confusing table with numerous formats for our various photo products and the cut-out windows being removed, we’ll indicate in the shopping cart which cut-out windows you can still order until the end of this year. To clarify: 

All cut-out windows can only be ordered until the end of the year. Afterward, in the nShop, you’ll be able to see in the cut-outs module which cut-out windows are being removed in the future. Formats that’ll no longer be offered in the future must be placed as non-standard orders (note that this will slightly increase the price) 

Completing Orders

As mentioned before, the changes (both for the Photo Album and the cut-out windows) will come into effect on August 30th, 2023, GMT +2. Until then, you have time to place orders with any cut-out window. If you don’t manage to complete and place orders by then, you should take the following into account after the changes come into effect: 

Redesign your project in the nDesigner and select the same or a new cut-out window. If you choose a cut-out window that’ll no longer be offered in the future, a recalculation will be made in the nShop. 

So, either order your photo products with cut-out windows before the change or wait until the change comes into effect and order with a different format. We hope you look forward to better-fitting designs for your photo products.

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