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How to deliver photo products as a professional photographer - Gift Bags

Thursday, August 29, 2019 - 17:41
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Complete your purchase with our nPhoto Gift Bag.

You can now find rigid made-to-fit Gift Bags while shopping for your desired products in the nShop under packaging. Gift bags are a simple and classical way to preserve your printed products. With sturdy grosgrain ribbon handles you or your client can safely carry the precious memories captured inside without worry. These presentation bags have been created to hold even the largest of Complete Sets!

Our high-quality presentation bags are created to fit our most popular products and are available in three sizes:

Small - 12x16" / 30x40cm
Medium - 16x16" / 41x41cm
Large - 22x16" / 55x41cm

Order a Gift Bag

Cardboard bottom inserts provide extra strength and stability, the neutral white colour is a perfect match with any and all colour materials. The delicate but exclusive UV printed, non-branded design is laminated onto the exterior of the sturdy presentation bag, for a luxurious experience. Stay classy and get your hands on a gift bag to enhance the presentation of your photography products even more. Gift bags are pre-made products, which means they can be shipped the moment they are ordered. Custom printing is not available.

"Make the delivery process a special experience. Because everyone loves getting gifts." - nPhoto Team

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