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New Packages Pricing For Our Photo Calendar Basic!

Thursday, December 1, 2022 - 12:07
Holiday-Themed Photo Calendar Basic

Practical, affordable, and appreciated all year round. Many love calendars for their affordability and eye-catching pictures and designs, but we're giving you, the photographer, an extra reason to love our calendars. We're now offering new prices on our price list for our A4 and A3 Photo Calendar Basic to help you generate more sales and make the most of this holiday peak season and the new year.

Our Photo Calendar Basic packages offer you a better deal on bulk orders. This means the more you buy, the less you pay, and the first package discount starts when ordering at least ten pieces. In addition, you can take advantage of our special package pricing through March 15th, 2023. If you order before this deadline, you can group different calendar projects into one package and still get our special pricing, meaning more savings since package prices drop as you order more calendars in one bundle.

After the deadline, you can still order calendars with our new package pricing, but the prices will only apply to orders with identical projects. Read on to learn why our calendars make an excellent peak-season photo product this time of year. 

1. People Prefer Traditional Planning Tools

Your clients will want our calendars because they still love traditional paper calendars, and they're not giving them up anytime soon. One of the biggest reasons is that people find paper planners more satisfying. In addition, it offers a fun, interactive way to keep track of life's most significant dates and moments. Your clients will also love that you can personalise the calendar dates, so they keep track of personal and family yearly events

2. The Affordable Calendar Option With The Same Great Quality

Calendars are cheap, but we pride ourselves on giving you the best, even when it comes to our most "Basic" products. Our Photo Calendar Basic is a 13-page, 12-month flip calendar with one cover page and an individual page for each month. We create these calendars using our HP Indigo 12000, one of the world's best digital printers. Each page includes its own photograph, making it a calendar loaded with high-quality pictures that your clients are sure to love and appreciate all year long. 

3. Great Marketing Tool For Photographers

For photographers, our calendars also mean that you get your photography posted for others to see - in offices, expos, and the homes of relatives and friends. Every time you make a calendar sale, you can be sure that it will attract attention and questions from passersby. Let your work stand out on high-quality calendars that organically promote your work.

4. Calendar Sales Sky-Rocket During the Holiday Peak Season

Lastly, we expect to sell more calendars in the next few months than at any other time of the year. That means you can expect to get busy with calendar sales for the next few months. What's great is that our Photo Calendar Basic packages are designed to help you maximize profits; you want to start offering calendars as cross-sells, add-ons, or part of a family package.

Remember, another great reason to start selling calendars now is that through March 15th, 2023, you can group various calendar projects into one bulk order. You can order our Photo Calendar Basic with different designs in one basket for the same price.

You can also look at our other great calendar choices. They're our Photo Calendar HD, a high-definition, one-page calendar on Fuji Silk paper with tear-off pages, and our Photo Calendar Pro B2, an extra-large, 13-page photo calendar printed on durable Arctic Matte paper.

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