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Photo Calendar HD

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This Photo Calendar HD features a fixed photographic spread with an additional twelve-month calendar to mount to the image (assembly required).

Simply peel away the adhesive strips on the back of the included calendar and adhere it appropriately to your HD image.

The image of our HD Photo Calendar is printed using the same Silk paper and Noritsu HD printing technology featured in our photo albums. This assures you a high-quality, high-definition print that will impress and last your clients much longer than 12 months.



Currently the Photo Calendar HD is available in the following formats:

30 x 60 cm / 12 x 24"
30 x 60 cm / 12 x 24"
30 x 90 cm / 12 x 35"
30 x 90 cm / 12 x 35"


About Photo Calendar HD

The Photo Calendar HD is a 'one-paged calendar'. What this means is that you receive a one paged print in the selected size, equipped with a calendar pad that you assemble onto the appropriate place on the calendar. 

The Photo Calendar HD guarantees the highest quality prints similar to those Photo Album spreads. The Photo Calendar HD is available in two sizes: 12x24’’ (30x60 cm) or 12x35,5’’(30x90 cm) and is printed on Fuji Silk paper just like our Photo Albums.

The HD Photo Calendar can be designed in the Online Designer, accessed from the cart. Alternatively, you can also download the appropriate template and design in a custom program of your choice. When designing, note that the top part of the print will be folded over and reinforced between the two dots which show where the hole for mounting will be punched.