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Acrylic Prestige & Exclusive - Are they really worth it? See what other photographers think!

Monday, August 1, 2022 - 15:23
acrylic and exclusive print products on display


You can never get enough of these collections - they’re just that good! However, it is customer opinion after all, that should be taken into account during a purchasing decision first and foremost. These product lines are among those most ordered by photographers who choose nPhoto products. Thus, it's safe to say that they are the product of choice both for photographers and their clients!

So, following this line of thought: they’re a tried and tested choice which brings success to a photographer’s business. Adding them to increase sales and attract new clients is only natural. After all, products which have already worked for so many photographers have a good chance of growing your business as well.

But, hold on. Let’s slow down for a second. What if a few good words based on our sales results aren’t enough? Every brand promotes their products and sheds a positive light on them. This is why we’re handing the mic over to you, the photographers! See what fellow photographers have to say about this product line, along with the products which they have personally designed to serve as an example that speaks for itself.

"I love albums with acrylic covers. They are the best products, without a doubt. That smooth encasing your photo gets, it creates an effect that isn't comparable to any other form of print. As the name suggests - The Acrylic Prestige simply appears prestigious, classy and elegant. I don't like handing it over to my clients, as I'd prefer to keep it for myself, and to look at it for hours 😃"

 - Studio Pajewska, Maternity & Newborn Photography

"The Exclusive Collection Photo Album is a reliable product that proves its worth in every kind of photo session, becoming a truly unique keepsake for every client! A minimalist form with a personalised cover is what my clients like best 🙂

- Magdalena Michniak Photography

Rán Bjargar Photography

"The nPhoto Exclusive collection's products were revolutionary for my business. The variety and quality is very good and I love that I can choose my own vision on how I want them to look. The attention to detail is amazing. I love that I can have everything match, whether I'm shopping for books, albums, mini books, folio box or triplex books. They are absolutely beautiful and so well made. Shipping is fast and the product is well protected for a trip all the way to Iceland. I've never had any issue and I'm always happy with the product. And the customer service is beyond good. I highly appreciate nPhoto and deeply recommend them for photographers who want high quality products."

Christina & Eduard Timeless Wedding Photography

"NPhoto's Acrylic Prestige Collection : shimmering elegance with a touch of luxury.

As photographers, we dedicate ourselves to our work, and the high quality presentation of our photos is our crowning glory. We are of the opinion that photos only unfold their full effect when in a book, where customers can enjoy them most.

The noble and elegant workmanship of the Acrylic Prestige Collection is a love at first sight and makes the hearts of our customers beat faster.

If you are looking for some elegance, and a touch of luxury in a noble Photo Book, you will find what you're looking for in the Acrylic Prestige Collection from nPhoto, just like us!"

And what better way is there to show your clients the print quality you offer, other than showing them your work in professional samples? Samples, which can be touched and felt, not just seen (especially the velvets!) So help your clients invest in a long-lasting and premium quality product, by investing in a few products of your own.

There’s also no better time to start - we’ve prepared an offer specifically tailored to our bestsellers. This offer gets you:

  • A 70% discount on your first sample
  • An 80% discount on your second sample
  • A third sample, for just 1 EUR/GBP/USD

This offer deals with products both from our Acrylic Prestige and Exclusive lines. All it takes to get these discounts is to sign up below!

Claim your 3 sample discounts!


Don’t miss out on our new materials!

That’s not all of the great news! Our new velvet materials have stirred up a lot of talk recently as well. There are 13 new materials which you can get a hold of. These are:

  • V14 - Off White Velvet Textile
  • V15 - Ecru Beige Velvet Textile
  • V16 - Turtle Dove Velvet Textile
  • V17 - Soft Lilac Velvet Textile
  • V18 - Camel Brown Velvet Textile
  • V19 - Polished Bronze Velvet Textile
  • V20 - Crimson Red Velvet Textile
  • V21 - Burgundy Velvet Textile
  • V22 - Robin Egg Velvet Textile
  • V23 - Aquamarine Blue Velvet Textile
  • V24 - Royal Blue Velvet Textile
  • V25 - Licorice Black Velvet Textile
  • V26 - Anthracite Black Velvet Textile (Only available for box interiors)

It’s quite a wide colour palette to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a bright, uplifting hue or one that is deep and contemplative, both of our bestselling collections can make great use of them all! They are already present in our Complete Sets, Photo Albums, Photo Books, Dreambooks and Triplexes. You’ll find a visual representation of the materials here. 

We haven’t forgotten about our Accordion Mini’s either - those now feature V14, V20 and V25 among their options.


Offer T&C's: This offer entitles you to order up to 3 studio samples from the Acrylic and/or Exclusive collections. 1st sample discounted at 70% off, 2nd sample discounted at 80%. Promotions available for 1st and 2nd sample on selected products only: Complete Set with Photo Album or Photo Book Pro, Photo Album, Photo Book Pro, Triplex, Folio Box. 3rd sample will be priced at 1 USD/GBP/EUR. Promotion for 3rd sample on selected products only: 15x15 cm / 6x6" Triplex or an Accordion Mini Book. Samples can be ordered all at once or separately. Promo codes for 2nd and 3rd sample will work only upon using discount codes for the 1st and 2nd sample respectively. Include promo codes in the appropriate area at checkout. Each sample will be labeled ‘Sample Product not for Resale'. The offer is valid through August 31st, 2022. Shipping fees apply to every order. Our Glamour Collection with Swarovski Crystals and Lite Album are excluded from this promotion. Offer cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product.

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