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Calendar basic photo calendar professional print nphoto printing lab
Calendar basic photo calendar professional print nphoto

Photo Calendar Basic

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Our Photo Calendar Basic is a perfect tool to promote your photography business all year long. This product is an easy add-on to any photo session and can be designed starting on any month you like. 13 pages come standard (one for each month plus the cover) for you to portray your artwork in beautiful high-quality images printed with the HP Indigo 12000.

You can personalise any date in the calendar so your client will never forget a birthday, anniversary, or special holiday. The Photo Calendar Basic is the perfect solution for newborn, school, pet and family shoots, and makes for the excellent gift.



Currently, our Photo Calendar Basic is available in the following formats:  


About Photo Calendar Basic

The perfect product for newborn and family sessions, or as an add-on to a wedding session, the Photo Calendar Basic comes standard with a 13 pages. In this calendar, you can secure 13 images from your photo session, one for each month and a cover photo. 

Our user-friendly Online nDesigner (accessed from the cart) makes designing a calendar for any occasion simple and easy. In the nDesigner, you have ready themes and layouts which you can choose to apply to your calendar. Thanks to the available templates your product will be a one-of-a-kind, practical photo product that is finished in just a few minutes. 

Select a Template from the ones provided, or choose a blank template to design your own project. If you choose your own blank template you can decorate it with a variety of different texts and cliparts. Personalise the calendar with special dates, anniversaries, birthdays, or any other special holidays you may want to include.

Photo Calendar Basic is available in a variety of formats and are digitally printed on our new HP Indigo 12000 printer. In order to speed up the production process, we include a barcode on the cover along with the order number.