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The Softcover Photo Book: where simplicity meets the extraordinary

Tuesday, November 7, 2023 - 14:01
Softcover Photo Book

By embracing a remarkable new design, we're bringing you another Photo Book - and we think that you'll love to see it for yourself! Through sheer belief in simplicity's strength, the Softcover Photo Book is born. Read ahead to see what this product has to offer!


Our latest Photo Book features a soft and flexible cover that largely consists of cellulose fibers, which adds to the product's overall aesthetic.

This cover comes in two colours: brown and grey. It can be imprinted with pre-made & customisable UV print designs.

On the interior side of things, you have a choice between the Mohawk Eggshell or Arctic Matte papers. The book itself can contain a minimum of 28 pages, up to a maximum of 120.

Its available sizes are: 20x20 cm/7.8x7.8" | 20x30 cm/7.8x11" | 30x20 cm/11x7.8".


The Softcover Photo Book definitely stands out from the rest of our photo book lineup. Thanks to its unique cover, it's thin, soft and subtle, all while remaining light and robust. The cover is also made from biodegradable materials and gives the book a noticeable fibre texture feel.

You can select from two Washpapa paper colours for our new book's binding: Light Reddish Brown or Steel Grey. Washpapa is a specific type of craft paper that offers high durability & flexibility due to the addition of latex within its chemical composition. It's sometimes even regarded as vegan leather, serving as a good alternative to traditional leather. It should be of no surprise then, that this paper offers great resistance against wear and tear when compared to standard paper covers, and exposure to the elements will be of no high concern, including water. Washpapa paper is Oeko-Tex and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified.

With a paper of this nature, you can easily spot small imprints within the texture of its long, cellulose fibres. These resemble the dots or flecks of a pencil that may seldom appear in other collections. They aren't meant to disrupt the overall look of the product- in fact, they tend to emphasise the product's raw look.

The cover customisation options that we've added are centred around a minimalistic design. You won't find grandiose cutout windows or shiny text options here. The product's charm is derived from its natural feel and simplicity, which as a general style has become more popular in recent years.

What customisation options we do offer, are a variety of UV print designs, many of which can be edited for the purpose of adding your own text. There are many options suited for special events too, so you'll be sure to have some versatility when it comes to designing your cover.


The Softcover Photo Book's core design is the combination of a craft paper cover with a natural paper interior. While the Mohawk Eggshell & Arctic Matte are both inherently matte papers, each offer a very different look, making their differences worth noting if a specific effect is to be achieved.

The Mohawk Eggshell is an uncoated paper with an off-white shade that absorbs light. It is low in contrast, with a distinct texture through which some detail may appear more muted, in favour of a more artistic feel.

Arctic Matte on the other hand, is a coated paper with a soft, white surface and an equally natural feel, although it gently reflects light. It offers strong colour saturation and good contrast, allowing it to draw out more detail from your photos.

The Softcover Photo Book offers you plenty of room for any moment worth cherishing, as you can design anywhere between 28 and 120 pages, printed on both sides. It will open up just like any other traditional Photo Book.


Designing a Softcover Photo Book can be done with ease, thanks to our free online design tool, the nDesigner. You can use existing page layouts from within the tool itself, or make your own in mere minutes. Select a product size, upload your photos, pick your preferred layouts, and arranging them as needed. Top everything off with some text and voilà - your masterpiece is ready to go!



We recommend the Softcover Photo Book for photography that takes on a journalistic approach, with a focus on nature, artistic works, travel, landscape and potraiture.  

The book works best in storytelling. You have enough room to slowly build things up and tell a story page-by-page. That's why it works best when, for example, you want to convey the full context behind an emotional moment at a wedding. This may not be a go-to choice as the main product for a wedding photo shoot, but it will excel as an add-on that can easily fit all the photos from a ceremony & more. It'll also work wonders as a gift for parents and families.

The Softcover Photo Book can also serve as a great reminder of your own travels. After all, it's quite important to capture your own memories on the road!

Mini sessions are also a huge contender for a product of this type. A "montage" of memories collected from over the years could easily be turned into a mini-collection detailing each smaller event in your client's life. The often-repeated milestones newborn photo sessions come to mind.

This product's design philosophy will also sit well with more specialised types of photography - be it photo journalism, Holy Communions, boho, lifestyle and romantic photography.

These are only a few ideas one could get started with when trying out the Softcover Photo Book. Do you have any of your own that would merit some experimentation? If so, join the discussion on our social media, and tag us so we can see what exciting ideas you can bring to the table! ?

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