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Gift box, you're grounded!

Friday, March 18, 2022 - 08:12
Gift Box, nPhoto, professional photo products

Had your morning coffee already? If you don't drink coffee you most likely know someone that does. We're asking because we want to introduce you to the main subject of this article - coffee!

Coffee is an essential part of… well life, really. It is the preferred morning beverage of over 1 million individuals! This includes photographers, photo product manufacturers and the like! Coffee is most probably what you run on when editing pictures ‘til the early hours of the morning, but what does that have to do with photography and photo products?

You might have heard of something called coffee paper. If you haven't no worries, we'll introduce you :) 

Coffee paper is a perfect combination of eco-friendliness, practicality, and appeal. And coffee paper is exactly what our Gift Boxes are made from. As a company, we’re striving to become more and more sustainable. In regards to this, we have introduced a unique, eco-friendly, practical, elegant, and affordable product - the Gift Box.

Unique because we haven’t seen anything like this before. Eco-friendly because we’re aiming towards sustainability. Practical because you’re practical and you need products that are practical. Elegant, just the sort of packaging your images deserve. Your clients will appreciate the presentation. And last but not least, our aim is to make all this affordable!

The eco-friendly gift box allows you to deliver products such as Photo Albums or Complete Sets in an elegant presentation box that is extra sturdy, elegant, and eco-friendly because it’s made from coffee paper! 




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