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Friday, October 18, 2019 - 12:17

We are constantly improving for you, this time we've decided to take a look at our prints uploader which we have updated. The way you have been ordering Prints and DreamPrints has dramatically improved. Here's how! No matter what product you select, be it Prints or DreamPrints, you will be taken to the new nUploader automatically.

This freshly updated software is intuitive and functional. It gives you the option to upload your images in three different ways: 

  • Clicking on the "Computer" icon you are able to swift through folders and select images to upload.
  • Clicking on the "My Orders" icon this allows you to select images that you have used in previous projects.
  • Dragging and dropping images in the appropriate area of the uploader.

Once your images are uploaded, you can then personalise your order by selecting formats, paper types, the quantity and more!


What you should know when ordering PRINTS/DREAMPRINTS

  • 800 images is the maximum number you can upload and order.
  • When changing the paper type, print size, or colour correction your choice is applied to the whole order. 

Edit your images using the tools on the menu on the right-hand side. Rotate images and change their orientation, crop or leave your image as a full-frame. Include a border or decide not to apply one. Increase the number of your prints, select a size, paper and if you'd like colour correction.


What you should know when ordering a SAMPLE PAPER BUNDLE

The Sample Paper Bundle consists of 10 of your own images printed on a chosen paper type that we have in our offer. This is also a good way to compare the images you see on your monitor with the printed files. What's nice about this product is that each of these 10 images can be different. You will find it easy to identify each paper type as the sets of prints are packaged and labeled in bundles. These handy prints are great to have on hand to take along to IPS meeting. Order a set 10 (20x20cm/8x8") prints on your favourite paper type in the Sample Paper Bundle.

  • 10 images per order. 
  • Select one paper type for your order of 10 prints.
  • The size of prints is fixed: 20x20cm/8x8".
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