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An eco-friendly Gift Box, exceptionally rigid and beautifully handcrafted out of 100% natural materials that are biodegradable. A unique Gift Box for Photo Albums and Complete Photo Album Sets - unboxing products will be an experience in itself. This box is unlike any other in our offer. This elegant, rigid paper has beautiful brown speckles made up of coffee grounds! The packaging visually shows unique terrazzo patterns.

The box is available in three popular formats for your albums: 20x20cm / 8x8", 25x25cm / 10x10" and 30x30cm / 12x12" (each of them are available in different heights). The box also comes with white, transparent, classy parchment paper. The eco-friendly Gift Box is a sustainable and cost-effective product, ideal for photographers who care about the preservation of the environment.



Gift Boxes are available in these formats for Photo Albums and Complete Album Sets (Gift Boxes fit Complete Sets with USBs):

20x20 cm / 8 x 8" / 200 x 200 mm
20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8"
25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10"  / 250 x 250 mm
25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10"
30x30 cm
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12"


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The eco-friendly gift box is available in three formats that are particularly popular amongst customers: 20x20cm / 8x8", 25x25cm / 10x10" and 30x30cm / 12x12". Each of them available in a number of depths: up to 2.5cm / 1", up to 4cm / 1.5" and up to 6.5cm / 2.5".


The eco-friendly Gift Box for Photo Albums and Complete Sets is a cost-effective and at the same time beautiful and practical option for visually enhancing your photo product's presentation. An item that your customers are sure to appreciate; especially since the box is made out of 100% natural materials where 5% of them are a byproduct from coffee production. Coffee replaces the pulp commonly used in paper production. What's so special about it? In the long term, less water and electricity will be used to make paper from biodegradable materials. As always, it all starts with making a smart choice.

By selecting this packaging option from our range, you are consciously supporting the environment. You're also building up an image of an equally conscious consumer. When you choose and include the eco gift box, you are sending a clear message. This will be appreciated by customers with similar views, and they will be happy to buy this box in support of your noble endeavor. Gift Boxes provide customers with durability, elegance, and a unique product. This product offers three benefits in one: a good price, and an environmentally friendly product, and practical handling.

These are all very good reasons to select the eco-friendly Gift Box. Coffee Paper is characterized by its interesting structure. It has an interesting texture under your fingertips, what is particularly noticeable though is the unique patterns formed on the paper. When opening the Gift Box, the Photo Album or Complete Set inside is wrapped in a simple and transparent white parchment paper adding exclusivity to the unboxing. Of course, this packaging first and foremost serves to protect the final photo product from damage but it is also naturally eye-catching. Leave a lasting impression on your customers when you hand over photo products in the Gift Box!


Elevate your product presentation, and create an unforgettable unboxing experience with the Gift Box. Made with biodegradable materials and boasting a unique coffee, terrazzo pattern. The box fits Photo Albums and Complete Sets in selected (most popular) sizes.