NEW IN: Fine Art Prints with your logo on the back

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - 16:47
Fine Art, Giclée Printson Mohawk Eggshell paper

If you've been searching for professional quality prints on fine art paper, we have good news for you! We've just introduced state-of-the-art fine art archival quality Fine Art Prints.

Exceptional choice of paper!

Fine Art Prints are offered on an exceptionally rigid paper type, Mohawk Eggshell 324 gsm paper. Not only is this paper type acid-free but it guarantees high-quality images capable of lasting generations. This paper's antique-like, warm undertone will give your images an exceptional gallery vibe.  

Order from one, 15x23cm (6x9"), personalised giclée print with your image on it. Include a white 6 mm border and brand each print with your logo on the back (along the longer edge).



Envelope for Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints deserve the finest packaging, that's why we've prepared something special for this state-of-the-art product. Ten unique ready-made, double-sided designs on ready-to-order envelopes tailored to fit up to 25 Fine Art Prints. Within these ten designs, you'll surely find one to fit your needs. We've prepared wedding, newborn, graduation, family, and versatile pattern options for you. These lovely envelopes are made of the same sturdy paper as the giclée prints. Not only do the rigid envelopes protect the corners of your prints, but they're also a beautiful presentation box.

Box for Fine Art Print

If however, you need packaging for a larger number of giclée prints have a look at our Box for Fine Art prints that holds up to 50 prints (is 3cm in height). Each handmade box is finished in A30 Warm Grey Duo-weave Textile, inside and out, USB stick can be included but is optional. 


Fine Art Prints along with Envelopes and Box for Fine Art Prints are part of our Mini Sessions campaign. You can get them 45% OFF until December 15th, 2020

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