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3 reasons why Photo Calendars are so great for your business

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 - 14:39
Photo Calendars nPhoto

What makes photo calendars such a great idea for your business, especially this time of the year?

1.  They're an amazing upselling tool.

Let your clients cherish your beautiful photography all year long. Contact your clients, let them know they can share their favorite images that you took with their loved ones! Our Photo Calendars are just perfect for this occasion...and the new calendar year is just around the corner! You have 3 options to choose from: Photo Calendar Pro B2 - extra-large, 12-month flip calendar, Photo Calendar HD - One-paged calendar with fixed print in high-definition and a calendar set adhered to the bottom of the image and Photo Calendar Basic - budget-friendly, 12-month flip calendar.

Calendario fotográfico básicoc.Obra de Forma Photography.


2. Photo calendars are THE perfect marketing tool.

Use them to promote your business. Contact local businesses like restaurants, florists, coffee shops, dress shops, schools, hair salons, vet clinics and have your calendar displayed there. Go to places your clients go to, places related to your photography. This is a great way to acquire new clients offline and to increase your brand awareness in your area.

Photo Calendar HD. Artwork by Ana Drwal.

Photo Calendar Pro B2. Artwork by Roberta Beneviciene . 


3. Release your own original collection and sell your calendars as beautiful wall decor available for purchase.

If you are a fine art photographer, landscape or pet photographer with own, cohesive style, you should definitely consider creating your own original collection with your artwork. If you already know your style is one of a kind and people immediately fall in love with your photography don't hesitate and give it a try. Use your social media fans and followers to gain first clients for your own, original wall art calendars.

Photo Calendar Pro B2. Artwork by Forma Photography.

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