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Custom product catalogue – pick products and promote them in your offering the easy way

Friday, October 2, 2020 - 11:54
Custom Product Catalogue

Custom Product Catalogue - What is it?  
The Custom Product Catalogue is a selling and marketing tool that can be fully customised to fit your product offer. 

Create your own product brochure with the help of the Custom Catalogue. Find the product in the nShop (accessed from the Customer Area) and start editing. The base, or what you start off with, is a slightly modified version of nPhoto's product catalogue. We’ve included sample product images that you are more than welcome to keep in your brochure but they can easily be replaced with your own photos.


Heard of our FREE mockups? This is where they could come in handy. What are mockups? Free .psd files which have the original photograph removed so you can include your own image on the product. More on mockups here.


Freely modify texts, in the Custom Product Catalogue, add or delete pages and don't forget to leave your details on the covers of the catalogue so clients know how to book you. The covers are edited separately. Access the cover and pages of the Custom Catalogue from the cart and edit in nPhoto’s free online designing software, the nDesigner Pro. This allows you to customise your future product brochure and tailor it to your liking. 

Customise me
First, add the product to your cart. Go to Customer Area > nShop > Selling Tools > Starter Pack > Custom Product Catalogue Catalogue (or click here).

You’ll be redirected to the cart. Access and edit the product’s design by clicking the ‘Edit’ button. This will take you to the free online editor - nDesigner Pro. You can add your photos at this time (or later). We recommend taking a look at the DESIGN tab on the top menu of the editor. 

This will take you to the editing module and give you full freedom in customising the project. You can also flip through the catalogue, discover its possibilities, plan your changes, and see what can be edited.

It would be a good idea to make a list of the products you DO offer and delete the spreads of the products you're not interested in. For example, if you offer only Complete Album Sets, Photo Albums, Triplexes, Folio Boxes the occasional Box for Prints, and of course Wall Decor pieces - these would be the only products that would be found in your version of the product brochure. 

Take full advantage of the possibilities the nDesigner Pro offers. The product brochure you create can be applied in many, creative ways. Its versatility allows you to create marketing and selling materials that will induce brand awareness, inform new and existing clients about your business, what it offers, and most importantly increase sales.

What to keep in mind when creating your product brochure:

  •  It’s a good idea to include images of your product samples with your photography inside. You’re more than welcome to use the available texts, however, keep in mind that they can be freely modified. So if you don’t offer a certain size of product, simply delete it from the description.
  • How about adding a spread or two to introduce the packages you offer. If applicable, add an extra spread with a la carte products.
  • Don't forget to include an 'About me' section and an area where you should add your details such as on the back cover of the brochure. This will allow clients to contact and book you.
  • It may be smart to include seasonal vouchers or discounts for your new and/or existing clients to fill up your calendar with bookings.
  • Order in bulk and leave your product brochures in businesses or offices that your ideal clients visit.
  • You can use the preview link to view the online version of your Custom Product Catalogue and share it with your clients.

These are just a few ideas on how you can apply the Custom Product Catalogue to your business. We're happy to offer you a product as versatile as this and at such an amazing price. Be sure to watch the video tutorial to discover features that weren't mentioned in written form. Most importantly, take advantage of this selling tool, have fun designing, and let us know what you think!

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