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Celebrating a year of exciting changes!

Thursday, December 21, 2023 - 10:00

Christmas is fast approaching, followed by New Year's Eve. It gives us a perfect opportunity to reminisce memories and to create new summaries. If we were to describe 2023 at nPhoto in one word, we can certainly say that it was marked by creativity. It was a year full of new products, premieres and changes!


We started quite calmly by introducing 6 new Eco Gift Boxes, with newly added packaging for Prints, Boxes for Prints, Accordion Mini Books, Pendrive Boxes, as well as Triplexes and standard USB pendrives. You loved the large selection of Eco Gift Boxes so much that we quickly started working on new sizes for our eco-friendly packaging - but more on that later.




Also at the beginning of the year, we introduced Retro Prints; Small, polaroid-style prints that you can order in sets of 25, or with an expanded kit containing the following accessories: string, mini clips and a wooden mini stand. The full, expanded kit is packed inside of a matching Eco Gift Box. In addition to its charming size format, a Retro Print allows you to add a description to the typical Polaroid-style white frame under the photo itself, making it an easy package add-on for photographers and their clients. They say that small is beautiful, and our Retro Prints reflect that. Frequent orders for this product since its inception is a reflection of that too.




In March, we worked on the implementation of a new paper option for Art Prints. We've performed some extensive testing and prep work at the time, all to offer you Art Prints on Felix Schoeller Luster paper by April. The change may not seem all too significant, but it's always good to have choice - especially, when it comes to the choice of paper you'd want your prints to have.



April flew by very quickly! There was a lot going on, and one of the events that absorbed our attention was the introduction of another, completely new product: the Duo Lite Album. It folds completely flat with its one spread, offers a lot of personalisation options, and comes at an affordable price in a compact 20x20 cm (7.87 x 7.87 inches) size format. It's ideal for a few standout shots, and acts as an excellent value offer to boot. Its primary use is intended for mini-sessions, communion and school photography, but time has once again shown that the creativity of our photographers knows no bounds - as it has proven to be an effective add-on and voucher bonus for clients.



If you've known us for a while, you know that we tend to prefer comprehensive (and complete) solutions. While observing the nShop's ordering trends, we noticed that two products from our offer go particularly well together; the Accordon Mini Book and the Pendrive Box. We decided to combine them, and thus the Pendrive Box with Accordion Mini Book appeared in our nShop . In this case, the Accordion Mini always has the same colour as the Box and the USB stick inside it. This creates one coherent set, and the Accordion Mini acts as a beautiful, printed addition to sessions handed out digitally or on a pendrive.



At this point in the Summer, new, square spines were introduced to our Photo Albums. This came as a very significant change from our point of view. Square spines come as an industry standard, so we felt it was necessary to make the change, allowing nPhoto users to enjoy what's widely perceived as a higher mark of quality. However, trends alone weren't the deciding factor. We also plan to make spine personalisation possible in the near future, which rounded spines simply couldn't do. Square spines are a must for text options to be added, and it's only matter of time that they will - we'll definitely let you know once we're ready. In the meantime, we also removed several acrylic Album covers from our offer, which were seldom ordered. This will allow us to focus on improving the core product further, by streamlining several elements of our production process.



Time flies! In September, we presented a completely re-imagined Swatch Book design. We replaced the previous A4 cards and fabric circles with neat key rings that hold fabric samples and can fit into a handy Eco Gift Box, making for a far more ergonomic design. You can now add in new fabric samples with ease, or adapt it to better suit your offer by removing fabrics that aren't a best fit for your clients. To make things even easier, we divided the materials in accordance to the type of fabric: velvets, textiles, suedes, and leatherettes. This also allowed us to better reflect our current offer, by phasing out the materials which are no longer in supply. We greatly appreciated your enthusiasm when it was first released!




In October, we took a look at Nphoto's paper possibilities! A true craftsman has the ability to envisage the end product of their work from the first moment they start working on an order. As a photographer, you too have what it takes to be a great artisan, but first thing’s first: a craftsman must also learn their tools.

Knowing what to expect from the alternatives you have access to when designing print items is just as vital as expertly editing the photographs inside them. Ultimately, what good would it do to precisely balance tones and contrasts if the qualities of the paper will undermine the desired effect?

On the other hand, given the correct circumstances, a paper chosen with a certain result in mind could enhance your images and make them seem even more lovely. In light of this, we would like to provide you with an outline of each paper's functions so that each order you generate will be fit for a true master artisan!



We debuted larger accordion mini book size options in November. The square shape, measuring 12x12 cm/5x5", is much larger than what we are accustomed to, yet it retains the essence of the original. It can accommodate six to ten pages. More so, the 10x14 cm/4x5.5" portrait format—a recent addition to the lineup—offers an even wider array of creative opportunities for portraits that have a page count of up to 14. The following paper types are offered for both versions: Mohawk (216 g/m2) or Felix Schoeller Lustre (290 g/m2).

All of your demands, both online and on our roadshows and exhibitions throughout 2023, were incorporated into these goods.



In December, our Eco Gift Box lineup was expanded. We introduced additional sizes on top of the 11 previous options. The latest Eco Gift Boxes are available for:

  • Accordion Mini Books: The new 10x14cm / 4x4.5" and 12x12cm / 5x5" size options.

  • Prints & DreamPrints: 13x18cm / 5x7" and 15x21cm / 6x8"; each box can contain up to 70 photos.

In the case of our Prints and DreamPrints, until recently we recommended using 15x23cm / 5.9x9" boxes for prints of a similar shape and size - but they will now have a size option that will fit them just right.


Our 2023 products in a nutshell

  • 6 new Eco Gift Boxes
  • Retro Prints
  • Felix Schoeller Luster for Art Prints
  • The Duo Lite
  • The Pendrive Box with Accordion Mini Book
  • Flat spines for our Photo Albums
  • New Swatch Book
  • The Softcover Photo Book
  • New Accordion Mini Book sizes
  • New Eco Gift Box options

And that about wraps it up for 2023! We're glad that we're able to bring you more and more products that help expanding your porfolio to your clients. Let us know on our community page what you want to see more from us in the next year, which products you would like to see use introduce, and how we can further grow, together!

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