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Fine Art Prints, nphoto
Art Print
Fine Art Prints, nPhoto
Art print

Art Prints

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State-of-the-art and high-quality art prints are brought to life thanks to HP Indigo 12000's six-ink technology. This printing technology is characterized by incredible light and color reproduction, especially in skin tones and shades. Your photos will be printed on solid, acid-free Mohawk Eggshell 324 gsm paper (Fine Art Print) or on the equally robust, coated, light-reflecting Felix Schoeller Lustre 290 gsm paper (Art Print). To give the art prints an even more classic look, you can print them with a white border and enhance them with additional products.



Fine Art Prints and Art Prints are available in both landscape and portrait formats:

15 x 23 cm
15 x 23 cm / 6 x 9"
23 x 15 cm / 9 x 6"
23 x 15 cm / 9 x 6"

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Discover how you can enhance your Fine Art and Art Prints with high-quality add-on products.


Art prints and matching envelopes made of durable Mohawk eggshell paper.

About Art Prints

Art prints are a perfect addition to your offer. Create personalized art prints with your photos and attach your logo to the back. Also, remember to choose a suitable product - a wooden photo holder, a handmade Box for Art Prints, or Envelopes for Art prints. The latter are each available with ready-made patterns and additionally enhance the transfer of your art prints. You can hand over 25 art prints in Envelopes for Art Prints (made of solid Mohawk eggshell paper) or up to 50 in a Box for Art Prints. Orders are possible from 1 piece.