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Retro Prints

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Retro Prints are a set of 25 prints that look remarkably similar to those from a Polaroid camera. They come in stylish and eco-friendly packaging made from coffee paper. But that's not all! You can also order them with valuable accessories that allow you to display the photos. 


Available Sizes

10 x 12 cm | 3.9 x 4.7"

About Retro Prints

Upon choosing the base version of our Retro Prints, you'll receive 25 prints sized at 10x12cm/3.93x4.72". They have space for the photo itself (with a printable area of 8.1x8.1 cm) and a polaroid-style frame for text. You can add two lines of text during the design phase or leave them blank for your customers to add later. In addition to the 25 prints you design, you'll also receive a print with a barcode and two inspirational prints on how to display Retro Prints. 

The photos are packaged in a windowed box and produced using coffee paper. You can expand the product with accessories that you can select directly from the add-ons menu before placing your order, allowing you to display your photos. These include a wooden stand made of beech wood, mini clips (26 pieces), a string, and an Eco Gift Box that can hold everything, including the prints! 

Retro Prints are printed on two types of paper. The first is Mohawk Eggshell, a durable, matte paper with a fibrous structure. Its high weight of 324gsm makes the prints stiff, thicker, and more durable. The second paper is Felix Schoeller Lustre, which is slightly thinner and lighter, but also matte and resistant to fingerprinting and scratching. 

Retro Prints are created using HP Electrolnk technology on an HP Indigo 12000 printer. Thanks to these modern solutions, you'll receive artistic and elegant prints on high-quality paper. 


Retro Prints are adorable little prints, the perfect addition to larger photo products, and an excellent choice for smaller events, such as newborn photoshoots, engagement sessions, or outdoor family shoots.