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Tuesday, August 30, 2022 - 13:17
family photography - every family has a story

Today, we’re talking about growth.


Stick around until the end to grab three heavily discounted samples, two discounted by 75% and one at 80% off!

Many things grow with the passage of time. For instance, your business has likely grown with your continued success. Thanks to the trust you’ve given us, as well as the continued trust of thousands of other photographers, our lab has grown too.

But most importantly of all, the people all around you can grow - with the summation of their personal experiences, they grow in wisdom and character, and not just in their age. As time goes on, the number of those experiences increases as a whole.

Why is all of this relevant, you may ask?

This fact of life is what drives everything forward, including all that we’ve mentioned up to this point.

Your business as a photographer is driven forward by the ever-increasing number of interpersonal experiences which we perceive. If people stopped growing, or in other words, stopped experiencing new things and never went forward in life, the need to record events and information with photographs would cease to exist.

So, if you are a family photographer for instance, it would be your obligation to celebrate the occurrence of these experiences. These small yet meaningful events which cause each family member to grow - both in your own family, and in the families of those that book you for their photo sessions.

When you’re booked for a family shoot, you are booked to allow said family to save these experiences, or moments of time during which they’ve occured, like grains of sand in an hourglass, where each moving grain is an occasion worth recording and saving. You have the power to do that.

But don’t forget - for something to grow, it requires the passage of time. And time brings change. You, your business, your clients - like milestones that come with age, the appearance of everything must change.

We want to prepare you for this change, so that your business can continue to grow.

Samples. They’ve always come hand-in-hand with photographers who use print. Each family who’s booked for a consultation will usually get to peruse them, see them and touch them. Unfortunately, these samples don't grow like the people around them. They likely won’t become vintage items anytime soon. Their fate resides in a slow, losing battle of gradual wear & tear. And when the samples start to look bad, your clients will soon begin to worry about their own battle with time. Their battle with change.

Thus, your print product samples will require gradual change too. Since they can’t truly “grow”, this is something that resides on your shoulders, and we want to take as much of the weight of this task off of you as possible.

Let’s not look upon this as a mere requirement of running a successful business - but as a celebration of the growth you’ve achieved, and the growth that you’ll capture on behalf of your clients. Get product samples that stand the test of time, and give those families a photo session worth remembering!


What we have in store

Starting with those samples - our current offer for you lets you grab up to three:

  • One standalone Photo Album sample at 80% off.
  • Two other sample products at 75% off.

The following products can be selected for the second (75%) part of this offer:

  • Photo Albums
  • Folio Boxes
  • Photo Book Pro’s
  • Triplexes
  • Accordion Mini Books
  • Framed Prints

Both parts of the offer, the 80% and 75% discounts, can be used independently of the other - i.e. you may use the 75% discount without having to use the 80% discount first. The second part of the offer lets you order two of the same product if needed. Therefore, if you’re dead-set on Photo Albums, you can nab a total of three!

Timeless print for the taking.

Ready to get started, to show that you can be the head of the photography family? Sign up below.

This goes without saying; if you specialise in a particular genre which touches upon family photography, yet you don’t see yourself as a family photographer per se, you’re still free to sign up and use the offer too! Couples portraits, maternity & newborn, even the pet goldfish needs a few photos taken from time to time. We’re all one happy photo family.

Of course, inspiring continued growth doesn’t just end with a few discounts. We have a whole package for you to make use of, free of charge, as always.

The Extra Goodies

  • A downloadable PDF, containing 8 vital tips on growing a client base as a family photographer. Families come in many shapes and sizes, so these may also come in handy for photographers specialising in other genres, too.
  • A brand new mockups set, one which makes good use of the latest additions to our velvet materials. To cement the theme of moving ahead in time, these are mainly themed around the colours of Autumn.


Let your clients look back at their photos and appreciate their life’s milestones - after all, every family has a story, and every chapter of that story is a #reasontoprint.






This offer entitles you to order one Photo Album studio sample discounted at 80% and a maximum of two studio samples discounted at 75% on these selected products only: Photo Album, Folio Box, Photo Book Pro, Triplex, Accordion Mini Book, Framed Print. Samples can be ordered all at once or separately. Include promo codes in the appropriate area at checkout. Each sample will be labeled ‘Sample Product not for Resale'. The offer is valid through XXX. Shipping fees apply to every order. Our Glamour Collection with Swarovski Crystals and Lite Album are excluded from this promotion. Offers cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product.

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