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Matted & Board Mounted Prints as well as Box Available to Order Separately

Monday, December 10, 2018 - 16:00
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Nope, this isn’t a joke. We understand that one of the most important traits for a business is versatility. This is why we wanted to offer that to you and your business and allow you to purchase the prints and/or the box from our Folio Box set individually as you wish.

Print for Print

Our Folio Box Prints are now available on their own and can be ordered in increments of one, starting at one. The available sizes remain unchanged from those on offer for the Folio Box set. For reference the sizes available are (in cm): 13x18, 20x20, 20x25, 20x30, 25x25, 28x36, 30x40. The two options available remain unchanged, as well. Meaning you can choose between either Matted or Board Mounted Prints.

For a quick reminder:

The Matted Prints are pre-mounted in an elegant frame designed to brilliantly accentuate your work. Moreover, they are ready to display as soon as they arrive. You have the choice among 6 different Mat colour options. Also, Matted prints come available in Fuji Silk, Mohawk Eggshell, Canon Deep Matte paper types.

The Board Mounted Prints are mounted on professional quality; rigid paperboard.

These new options can be found in the “Prints” section of the Products tab at the bottom, with the header “Matted/Board Mounted Prints”.

Boxes and Boxes

Now, you are also able to order just the box from the Folio Box set. The box comes available in all the sizes the prints are available in. See sizing above for reference.This also means you have three formats available: square, portrait, and landscape. Also, you have the choice of four depth capacities for your box; suitable for 5, 10, 15, or 20 prints and can include a USB if you wish. Finally, adorn the box with our full range of over 60+ textile and leatherette options and personalise the cover with a UV Print or Laser Etch. 

Naturally, the prints and the boxes work perfectly together, but now you are able to purchase them individually and use them however you wish. It is now easier to use the two with each other to generate some great upselling opportunities for you and your business. Or, you can order some select stylised prints to accompany a digital option, like our USB Memory Box. Or, perhaps the other way around where you have prints and only need that knock-out box, and an additional USB would be fabulous.

While splitting up is no joke, in this case, we understand it can be what’s best for your business. With these products available separately the opportunities are endless.

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