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Quick Mockup Tutorial

Monday, December 5, 2022 - 08:45
Complete Set Mockups

We’ve been making a bunch of new Mockups for you, and we wanted to give you a simple guide to help you use them.

But first, you should know why you, the photographer, should use mockups.

Why Use Mockups

We know, that as photographers and business people, one of the most important parts of your customer’s journey is making sure the potential customer can envision themselves owning the product.

They need to imagine and see how much better their home and day will be with one of their pictures printed and out for them and others to see. It’s not about what the client needs but what they will want.

Our PSD files are the right tool for creating interest in customers because they provide customers with a simple way to visualize their photos in printed form. 

Our mockups come with themes, with all our photo products as options, and the best part is that they look super classy.

Mockups make a big difference for customers when they’re deciding whether to buy print products or not. This is why we continue to make them for you.

Now let’s make your first mockup!

Mockups - How To

1. Access our nPhoto website homepage. Then log in (you need to have registered an account with nPhoto prior to logging in) and enter the Customer Area at the top-right side of the home page. 

2. Click on the Mockups link within the Selling Tools section.

3. Click on Download for (Web) under any of the Mockups thumbnails.

4. After downloading the Mockups file onto your drive, select and click on the PSD file of your choice.

5. The PSD will populate in photoshop. Click on the photo layer “photo” above “delete” on the right-hand side.

6. Now select from your own pictures and choose the picture you want in the Mockup.

7. Drag and drop the image onto the Mockup in photoshop.

(Side Note) Some Mockups Require Smart Objects

You may notice that your Mockup looks slightly different. This is because the Mockup you're using requires the use of "Smart Objects", which allows you to install pictures in small Mockup frames. This is more common in Mockups for small photo products, such as Accordion Mini Books, prints, or smaller albums. Smart Objects are contained in the PSD file.

To use these PSD files, once you open the Mockup in photoshop, you need to choose the layer with the Smart Object and double-click on the layer. Then, an additional window will open and you have to drag your photo to this pop-up.

Next, you need to adjust your photo into the pop-up's mockup frame. You do this as you would in the following steps of this tutorial for a regular mockup. Drag the desired picture into the Smart Object, and press the required command keys. You might need to drag the image around and center it after dragging it into the Smart Object

When you drag the photo into the window, the photo will adjust itself to the height and width of the given location. When the photo's proportions are similar to the mockup's proportions, you simply need to accept the placement of your photo without making adjustments. 

8. The picture and file name will populate as the first layer.

9. Drag the picture’s file layer from the top to the middle layer. This can be found on the bottom right under the "Layers" tab. Once in the middle, your image will populate within the mockup area, which acts as the frame of a picture.

10. Now transform the image to resize it using the keyboard commands for your specific computer. Then just drag the corners until the picture fits perfectly inside the mockup’s picture frame. 

11. Click on the check mark to accept your changes.

12. Save and export your finished Mockup to your files.

And congrats, you now have a finished mockup! 
Print a copy or save the example onto your website. 

Want to learn more about mockups and why they’re such a good idea for photographers?
Click the link below to read our mockups blog post and learn more about why you should use them for your business.

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