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Earn More With Print Through Upselling

Monday, September 20, 2021 - 11:38
how to earn more as a photographer cross-selling upselling photo products

You may have already done it before without even noticing.

Like an age-old trade secret that isn’t openly talked about, it’s one of the most prevalent and powerful sales methods that have worked and will work - for your photography business included. You’ve probably been exposed to upselling or cross-selling in one way or another just by going shopping.

First thing’s first - upselling and cross-selling isn’t the same, for as much as the term is often interchanged. Both can be used simultaneously to great success though, so the distinction is worth keeping in mind:

Upselling in IPS photography refers to creating more value for your client by upgrading an already selected offer. This can be done by, for example, adding more spreads to an album or increasing the product’s size. Upgrading from a standalone album to a Complete Album Set can also be considered an upsell.

Cross-selling is essentially suggesting a complementary offer to go with the one offered. It’s kind of similar to a fast food place asking you if you want a fizzy drink to go with your meal. In other words, a print product cross-sell would look like offering a Triplex to go with someone’s Folio Box.

Going forwards, do consider the value of upsells and cross-sells. Your profits will soar at almost no expense to your time and effort.

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So, get out there and make some sales!

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