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New Triplex. Now With Triple the Acrylic

Tuesday, April 13, 2021 - 17:10
Triplex Folio with Acrylic Plate

A newcomer has joined our best selling family of acrylic products. Meet the Acrylic Triplex.

This addition can be selected as a possible finish when creating a triplex in the nShop. It features similar high quality acrylic as the one used in our other products, this one being 3mm, layered onto the three photos inside the triplex and cut at a 45 degree angle. The result is a highly presentable, glass-like look that’s guaranteed to turn a few heads if offered.

It can be picked alongside any combination of materials or product sizes, so the option is always on the table. Whether it becomes a part of your main offer or shows up as an excellent tool for upselling, it’s bound to get your clients interested, being the triplex’s most premium finish as of yet.

Haven’t given acrylic products much thought?

Now that even the triplex can be made with acrylic in mind, the range of acrylic options may be worth looking into more than ever before. Consider giving them a shot, and you may find more clients interested in print as a whole, as many already have ;)

Of course, if acrylic just isn’t what you’re looking for, the triplex still offers its classic finishes such as the matted print or board mounted print finish, one featuring a passepartout frame and the aforementioned using those thick prints you know and love.

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