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Telling Stories Through Photos: How the Photo Book Pro and DreamBook 4K Complete Sets Elevate Your Narrative

Tuesday, July 18, 2023 - 11:01
DreamBook 4K and Photo Book Pro with Wedding and Family Photography

Do you consider yourself a storyteller? As a photographer, you tell a story with every photo session (even if you aren't planning to). You're capturing the most special wedding memories, taking a newborn's earliest moments, or catching a family at play on a regular day.

Think of the Photo Book Pro and DreamBook 4K as the business partners of your dreams. They bring out the best in your work and your client's investment and give you a way to share your stories with the world. 

In short, these products are here to help you, the photographer behind the camera, create something your audience - your clients - will value and admire more than anything else out there.

But which of the two photo products should you choose?

Don't worry. We'll dive into the differences between the Photo Book Pro and DreamBook 4K. This way, you can make the best choice for your storytelling journey and clients.

Different Binding Options

One of the biggest differences between these two products is the binding, which will help you choose the best style for your needs. The Photo Book Pro has regular, non-lay-flat binding, while the DreamBook 4K has near lay-flat. 

With this in mind, consider if you want to design full spreads or single pages. If you want to design by page or as a full spread, choose the DreamBook 4K. The Photo Book Pro is designed page-by-page. 

Photo Book Pro:

DreamBook 4K:

Photo Book Pro Paper Types

Knowing the different paper types available in these two photo books will let you make an even better choice since each paper brings its own special qualities.

Felix Schoeller Luster 190 gsm is unlaminated, water-resistant, and thanks to its special product design, it produces brilliant, high-intensity prints. It’s an excellent choice for clients who want a photo book that’ll be safe being passed around at the occasional family get-together. Resistant to smudges and fingerprints, your clients are sure to love this paper choice.

Mohawk Eggshell (148 gsm or 216 gsm) is used in fine art photography and is favored by photographers looking for a pristine matte finish. Your clients will get the feel of uncoated paper with the ink density and sharp detail of coated photo paper. In addition, this paper helps to create an unmatched effect that your clients will notice immediately. 

Arctic Matte 170 gsm is wood-free paper with a cool white base colour and opacity that provides stunning results, particularly with black and white photographs. It also boasts an enhanced, smooth presentation of your images without glaring issues. The finish results in an artistic, almost vintage, film-like appearance that creates a mood for any style of photography.

DreamBook 4K paper types

Another key difference between the Photo Book Pro and the Dreambook is that you get Canon’s high-quality paper, which is made to bring out the key details and colours that make your photography exceptional. 

Canon Gloss paper is smooth, rigid, and resistant to fading, providing a medium to show off rich contrast and colours. What’s great about this genuine Canon paper is its quick and shallow ink penetration, which results in higher ink density and creates astonishing and vivid colour expression. Canon Gloss is ideal for presenting portraits from the session

Canon Luster paper is a semi-matte paper with small pearly grains, which give it a soft-feeling texture. In addition, it’s rigid and resistant to fingerprints, fading, and light scratches. If you’re looking for a paper to bring out the natural colours of your photography, this is the perfect choice for you.

Canon Satin paper is coated and smoothed, making it a similar but finer texture than Canon Luster paper. Canon Satin is characterised by its high white ratio. Resistant to fingerprints and light scratches. Rigid and resistant to fading.


The Photo Book Pro and DreamBook 4K give you access to three of our most popular design collections, meaning you get a full range of design options with either choice. You aren’t limited by what photo product you decide to choose. 

Let’s cover the three different design collections: 

Acrylic Prestige
Give your Photo Book or DreamBook an instant upgrade with acrylic plating over the photography featured on the cover. 

Choose among various cover cut-out window options and choose to add either plain text or a logo to the cover and back cover design.

Creative 100%
Your image will wrap around the cover of the Photo Book and DreamBook. You also get to choose whether you want it to have a matte or glossy laminate finish. The laminate finish protects the cover and highlights the colours with gloss, leaving a smooth finish, while the matte gives a velvet finish.

Create the Perfect Package with a Complete Set

But what could make your personalised Photo Book or DreamBook even better? Sharing your work in its own matching Box and Pendrive (Which is always optional).

No matter what materials, collection, Photo Book, or DreamBook size you choose to work with, your box will match and enhance the presentation of your client’s photos and bring a satisfying close to the photo session, leaving your clients excited to receive and share their photos with friends and family.

Getting Over the Sales Issue

Selling can be tough. There’s no question about it. You’re working with couples, parents, and people who don’t see the value in printed photo products.

But sometimes, the solution to a problem is only understanding the core issue. And in this case, your clients need to see what they’re missing out on firsthand. They need to touch and see the product, with all its fine-quality materials and colors, and then they can imagine their family on those covers and pages.

Simply put, we’re talking about having samples for your clients to see. There truly is no better way to get your point across than with sample products that show off your skills and commitment to excellence. 

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