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nPhoto Partnered with Pic-Time

Thursday, September 10, 2020 - 15:12
nphoto Pic Time cooperation

We are both excited and proud to announce that we are now partnered with Pic-Time and you will be able to find our products in their shop, match them to your profile, and offer them to your clients.

What is Pic-Time?

For those who may be unfamiliar, Pic-Time is a premier online gallery and photo sharing service.
Yet, Pic-Time also includes an online shop platform where your clients can purchase products from you directly through the Pic-Time interface.
In other words, your direct clients and their peers and relations can buy your product directly through Pic-Time and earn you money without any effort on your part!

Talk about passive income!

This shop allows clients to buy a variety of print products that you decide to offer them.
Naturally, it’s wonderful for us, at nPhoto, to announce a presence on this platform and the ability for you to find our high-quality, well-priced products to offer your clientele (and their family and friends :) ).
Simply, find our lab in the shop, match the products that fit your brand and style, and start offering your clients our high-end, heirloom print products with your work inside and your logo attached.


What Benefit does this Bring Me as the Professional Photographer?


As mentioned earlier one of the biggest benefits, Pic-Time offers you is an opportunity to earn passive income. AND, on top of that, the service allows you to tap into the circle and network of your direct clients by giving a space for family, friends, acquaintances, etc of your direct client to visit, find your work and products, and, most importantly, order.

Fear not, as usual, any products from us will be unmarked and the source unknown to your own clients and audience.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the most incredible benefits nPhoto’s partnership with Pic-Time brings to you, the professional photographer:

1. Unlimited Reach and Sales Potential – OK, third time’s the charm with this point. Yeah, it’s THAT beneficial we take no shame in repeating it a third time.

Usually, you may limit your sales meetings to only just the couple, or single client, or nuclear family actually involved in the shoot. You may get crazy and allow an aunt, or grandparent. But, inevitably many loved ones of your clients will be left out of the formal appointments with you.

This service gives you an online shop that you can set-up so your direct clients can spread word far and wide to all their loved ones to say “hey, you like these beautiful pictures? Go here to buy some yourself! It’s super easy!” That purchase then, of course, goes to your bank account. Cha-ching!

Oh, by the way, no limit to how much product any one person buys.

2. You Set the Margins – Speaking of pricing and healthy cash registers, Pic-Time allows you to set your own pricing model so you can see how much profit you’ll earn with each sale given a final price tag.

So, you’ll see the cost of a product for you (to get from the lab) and then have the control to beef it up at your own desire.

In fact, Pic-Time will even let you do it the other way around, the best way, that is for you to put in how much profit you hope to get for each product and then show you how much the final sticker price will be.

Suspicious a product is selling too little, try bringing it down a peg in the price department. Not enough cash coming in? Raise that profit margin! All clear and easy to do with our products in Pic-Time.

Sing it, cash register! Sing it!

3. Save Time & Energy – Everything is fully automated on your end so you can save yourself time of what would have been coordinating and executing all those potential sales were they done the ‘old-fashioned’ way.

Once your client decides on a product it can be sent directly to us, where we'll print it for you and have it delivered. Here, too, we can even deliver directly to the client!

4. Ability to add Custom Products

5. You Have Control of Your Offer – you have ultimate control on how your offer looks to different clientele. You can not only control what some are able to purchase, but also make sure to not overwhelm those periphery clients with too much.

Remember, when it comes to your product offer, often less is more.

6. Doubles (triples) as a Marketing Platform – OK, so Pic-Time is clearly an online gallery platform, it also is a product store, and, in case we didn’t mention earlier, it even acts as a great marketing dashboard.

Pic-Time gives you access to full analytics of your customer’s purchases and behaviours; they even offer the possibility of sending emails to people with upcoming photo buying opportunities, such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

So what are you waiting for?
With all those practical benefits it seems an easy decision to check out our products now available on Pic-Time.
Go ahead, get started, and get yourself some time and money!



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