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Professional boudoir photo albums

Boudoir Photo Albums and Books

Get inspired before working on your next boudoir Album or Book! Find out how the genre of freedom and mystique can make the most of nPhoto products and offer something befitting of the beauty your clients are looking to capture. Boudoir photo books, a boudoir album, even a special boudoir box - it’s all possible, and within your grasp. Capture the deepest emotions and store them in something that can say a lot, without having to say anything.

Boudoir Photo Albums

Boudoir Photo Albums

Design a boudoir album from the most intimate moments you have taken on camera for a truly classic yet exquisite experience. Enjoy thick, lay-flat spreads that resonate both quality and beauty with each available paper type.

Boudoir Photo Book Printing

Boudoir Photo Books

Clean and mesmerising - just like your photos. A boudoir photo book can not only be a modern take on the genre, but also a modern expression of your client. Design a small Photo Book with a clean finish, or go all out with a large one consisting of 120 intricately designed pages and a stunning acrylic cover. We’ll accommodate all.

Boudoir Book Cover

Boudoir Album and Book Covers

Many covers, many client’s faces - all equally as beautiful. Browse and find out whether printing boudoir photos on acrylic makes your work stand out better, or if a clean, little black book photo album is more to your tastes.

Boudoir Box with Matted and Board Mounted Prints

Boudoir Box with Matted and Board Mounted Prints

Choose 5-20 of the best photos from your session and make them into something truly special inside of our Folio Box. Each paper type captures a different emotion, but all Folio Boxes capture immense love and appreciation.

Boudoir Photography Packages

Boudoir Photography Packages

Mix and match your order according to your client’s needs. Your boudoir package offers won’t be rigid. Some clients desire a spacious wall decor, while some need a discreet boudoir box. Having the option to change things up and offering a wide array of products at hand will leave you prepared for anything - but remember, only curate the products you personally enjoy using.

Boudoir Studio Sample eBook

Boudoir Studio Sample eBook

Find out how you can make full use of our offers through various guides, sample product designs and much more. Learn from genre leaders and expand in the field of offering your clients their intimate freedom.


Acrylic Collection Professional Photo Album
Exclusive Collection Boudoir Album Cover
Handcrafted Photo Album cover nPhoto
Handmade Photo Album Cover nPhoto

Each Photo Album collection has a unique and distinctive cover. See the album covers which will arouse only the deepest of emotions from your clients.

Boudoir photo album design ideas

Our free designing software - nDesigner Pro - with pre-built templates will help you to design your product in minutes.

Boudoir photo album design ideas 1
Boudoir photo album design ideas 2
Boudoir photo album design ideas 3
Boudoir photo album design ideas 4
Boudoir photo album design ideas 5
Boudoir photo album design ideas 6
Boudoir photo album design ideas 7
Boudoir photo album design ideas 8
Boudoir photo album design ideas 9
Boudoir photo album design ideas 10


Get an idea of what our boudoir offers are all about! We know boudoir photography isn't as widely promoted by labs due to its delicate nature - but we're here to show you our support. Whether you are already finding ways to expand your IPS offer or just beginning your journey - we will make sure to be there for you in every step of the way.


Elizabeth Craig Photography
Elizabeth Craig
Boudoir Photography

The number one thing my clients want are Albums. So that's what I invest in. nPhoto Albums are so gorgeous. Acrylic albums are something that my clients refuse to walk out of a session without

Tina Schön Photographer
Tina Schön
Boudoir Photography

I have been purchasing my photo products from nPhoto for years and love the range, the selection, and the quality of the products. Above all, Folio Boxes in different designs are very popular with my customers. As a boudoir & portrait photographer, I create for my clients unforgettable memories that receive a special place in their hearts thanks to nPhoto's high-quality products.


Boudoir Photo Album Ideas
Boudoir Photography Triplex

Build the ideal package by choosing from a variety of print products, which will add insurmountable value to your offers. You can start with a simple Triplex design and go up to a fully fledged Folio Box - to capture everything that’s important.


Why are prices hidden?

The pricing is only available from the point of a fully registered and verified account. This is done for you, the photographer and your best interests, so that you can help your clients and choose the right print product for them.

What is the turnaround and shipping time?

The average production and shipping time takes around 8-10 business days, slightly depending on the size of your order.

Will nPhoto print nudes?

Of course. We are strictly professional in that matter as well, so you can rest easy knowing that they are meant for your eyes and your client’s eyes only.

Can you ship directly to my clients? Is there a paper invoice in the package?

Yes, you can ship straight to your clients. Unless requested otherwise, the only place where invoice and payment information will be stored is on your nPhoto account.

How do I order products I'm interested in?

By signing up and logging into your nPhoto account, you gain access to the store and all the products it offers :)

Do you offer studio sample discounts for boudoir photographers?

We have a variety of sample offers for photographers of all kinds. You’re not excluded! Find out why samples are worth getting here. Our samples are marked very discreetly and will not obscure your work.

How to design Photo Albums and Photo Books?

You may use our built-in nDesigner to create an awe-inspiring project from scratch, or use an external software by directly uploading pre-made pages and spreads to the product of your choice.

Can I personalise the cover? How do you do it?

You can make an endless amount of unique looking cover designs thanks to various materials, text options, custom designs and add-ons. To name a few, there are textiles, leatherettes, velvets and suedes for materials, embossing, laser etching and UV printing for text. Your custom designs can span from a simple logo to a full, breathtaking representation of your work.

What is the difference between Photo Album, Photo Book, and DreamBook 4K?

A Photo Album has thick, lay-flat spreads, for that classic feel. A Photo Book is a sleeker counterpart with thin individual pages. A Dreambook 4K brings the best of both worlds together and gives you clean, thin pages whilst emulating the Photo Album’s lay-flat feel.

Where can I find more info regarding cover materials/colors?

You’ll find something about every available material here. You can also download an unbranded PDF swatch showing each material in detail, as well as the kind of text each one can use. The physical version contains every material and can be bought alongside your order to make a future client’s decision that much easier.