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Stand Out with the New Lite Album Personalisation - Gilding

Thursday, December 2, 2021 - 16:06
Lite album gilding

New in the Lite Album

The Lite Album is a product that has gracefully entered our offer and won the hearts of many of our customers. It is a small product (20x20cm / 8x8”), but its potential is huge!

The Lite Album is perfect for many photography types, such as newborn, family, pet, or mini sessions aka spring specials! And no wonder because it is a combination of great value for the price. In addition, it can become a smaller (minimum 5 spreads) or slightly larger (maximum 40 spreads) chronicle of memories, and how many memories it will hold will be entirely up to you and your customers too ?

These few words were an introduction to the product itself, and above all, the changes that are taking place in it.


Personalisation options

The first new addition is not three but four text placement options! The first three are ready-made options prepared by us, which will help you quickly and easily design your product's cover, complying with your client's preferences. Each option consists of two lines of text which you can edit  - choose from a selection of fonts.

Take a look at the options:


Make text larger or smaller and change its colour. Yes - that's right - we have introduced colour UV printing. You can choose from 5 colours: navy, dark green, red, grey, black. Remember! This option is only available in the Lite Album with the A30 fabric. But we wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't go all the way! So we also introduced a fourth text position:

With this text position, you can change your text's size, their colours, and include as many words on your product as you want! Seriously - you can arrange the entire front and back cover with text, any way you like ?.

And now the star of this article - gilding! Yep, that’s right! We are adding gilding as an option in the Lite Album. Where can you find it? On covers with a matte laminated paper (Creative 100% collection). We chose 5 cover designs to gild. Some of them were already in our offer, while the others were once available and are now returning to the offer, with a new glow, or should we say shine! ? 3 patterns will be doubled, so you will have the option to choose a pattern without gilding or with gilded elements (premium). The other 2 will be all gold gilded. Take a look at these wonders for yourself!




Gilding is applied onto the cover, not pressed into it. This creates a 3-D effect and you can feel it under your fingertips. They reflect light so the colour of the gilding changes more or less depending on how the light hits them.

One could dwell on them indefinitely in this text - but it's better to see them in person yourself - these gilded patterns shine like gold.

Let us know what you think about these new options ?.

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