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Samply the best: All you have to know about sample products

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - 08:46
Sample Products

Our customer service team often gets messages or calls asking where in the nShop you can find samples. Some clients have an impression that they're tough to spot on the menu and add to your cart. Time to unveil the mystery: Where are your coveted samples?

Contrary to some fears, sample products are not playing peekaboo in the nShop menu. Well, searching for them among other items would be a misdirected effort. You order samples in the same way as you choose regular products. All you need to do is to click at one point that you would like your studio to be adorned with a sample rather than a standard item.


What are samples?

Indeed, samples are like regular products. They are manufactured with the same technology and material and by the same method. They can be personalised exactly the way your regular products can be. They are identical to the products you design for clients, with the exception that you are creating them for your own use. We are talking about complete photo products, embellished with your designs and selected images, ready to be showcased.

Its single distinct feature from a fully-priced item is the subtle inclusion of a "Sample" label. Why opt for a sample? It serves as an invaluable tool for presentation to clients. Imagine, for a moment, if our products were tangible goods such as apparel or footwear. In such cases, the purchasing decision is straightforward. The client examines, tries on, and decides. But, how does one effectively demonstrate let’s say a photo album that only reaches completion post-photography session? This is where a sample becomes indispensable.

Creating samples to demonstrate them in front of clients allows them to "try before they buy," enhancing their engagement and interest. It is advantageous to display a variety of samples, as doing so increases the likelihood of impressing clients, potentially leading to larger orders. This scenario benefits all parties involved. Clients are satisfied, you achieve higher sales, and nPhoto is delighted to fulfill larger orders.



How much is it going to cost?

The price you pay for our sample products is merely a fraction of the actual product cost. nPhoto is picking up the tab for most of it because we know those samples are your golden ticket in the sales game. Your photo lab is there to help you bloom and shoot for the stars. 

The promotional code should be entered in the final stages before submitting your order through nShop. Here is where to apply the promo code in nShop:


How can you get samples for next to nothing?

Acquiring a promotional code is straightforward and can be achieved through several methods:

  • Make use of our promotional campaigns like Festivals of Samples, Black Friday etc.) to get hold of special promo codes.
  • Engage in training sessions, workshops, and other events hosted by nPhoto or its partners for additional discounts on samples
  • Contact customer service for comprehensive guidance on ordering samples.. The contact details are available in the Customer Area,

Ordering samples in nShop is as simple as any other product purchase. Select, design, add to cart, and at the checkout, enter the promotional code Upon doing so, you’ll end up seeing the prices calculated specifically for a sample.

  • When designing samples, you may have questions regarding photo selection:
  • Can personal photos be used?
  • Is adherence to a template necessary?
  • Does nPhoto mandate the inclusion of their photos in samples?
  • Is the use of stock photos recommended?

It is essential to note that you have complete creative freedom in designing the samples. You select the product, photos, layout, format, number of pages, cover personalization, finish type, and can include your logo and contact details. nPhoto does not impose any photo requirements.



Samples are intended for your business success

It is important to be aware that the samples received will bear a discreet mark indicating their status as a sample, not intended for resale.

This distinction is the only difference between our samples and the products ordered for clients. More information on this topic can be found in the related article. We encourage you to seize this opportunity to assemble your samples, which will aid in attracting clients and enhancing your reputation.


Snag samples for less

Should you need to replenish your sample inventory or wish to update your current selection, now presents an excellent opportunity. Participate in the Festival of Samples for an 80% discount. Complete the form, secure the code, and obtain additional marketing materials.

Interested in more details about the Festival?


Click here to read more



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