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Monday, July 18, 2022 - 14:00
Aquamarine Blue Velvet Textile Complete Set in the Exclusive Collection with Engraving on the Cover

Good things come to those who wait, and we know you’ve been waiting for quite some time. That’s why we are so excited to announce this new addition to our offer!  

New materials – what are they like? 

They’re definitely eye-catching and very appealing to the touch. They look phenomenal on photo products – as you can see here. These materials are like the proverbial icing on the cake, where the center is filled to the brim with frames of moments captured in time, and the outside is adorned in a velvet or suede material! 

Can the new velvets be ordered on all products? 

Ultimately, that’s the plan. At the moment, you can order them on products like: the Complete Set, Photo Album, Photo Book PRO, DreamBook 4K, and Triplex. You will have to wait a little longer for these materials to appear in: Packaging for Prints, Folio Boxes, USB & Case as well as the Memory Box. The new materials have also been added to our Accordion Mini Books! You can find three new materials available for their covers: V14 (Off White Velvet Textile), V20 (Crimson Red Velvet Textile), and V25 (Licorice Black Velvet Textile).


How many new materials will be added? 

We have introduced 12 velvets and 1 suede material in total. The suede  V26 material will only be applicable for the interiors of boxes. In the new palette, you will find delicate, soft shades as well as a few darker and bolder ones. Look for them in our Online Swatch Book starting from V14 – V26. 



In the new additions, you can find soft neutrals such as V15 (Ecru Beige) and V18 (Camel Brown). These velvets are perfect for wedding sessions or sessions with a soft colour scheme: Newborn sessions, pet photography, engagement portraits, senior shoots, and the like. For family photography, lifestyle photos and seasonal photo shoots you could opt for materials like V17 (Soft Lilac) or V14 (Off White). 


You asked and we delivered new shades of blue. We’ve incorporated three: V22 (Robin Egg), V23 (Aquamarine Blue,) and v24 (Royal Blue). We hope you love them as much as us! 


We’ve added two new reds to our velvet family: V20 (Crimson Red) and V21 (Burgundy Red), both very soft and rich colours. 


Black velvet – long-awaited and now available for the cover of your photo products! We found the perfect one to frame your images - V25 (Licorice Black). Just a reminder that the black suede material - V26 will only be applicable for the interiors of boxes. You will not be able to select it for the covers of our photo products. 


And perhaps the wildest of them all - V19 (Polished Bronze). It is quite unusual, but it stole our hearts right away! We are sure it will appeal to most if not all of you!  Have our materials on hand wherever you are and download our Free Swatch Book in PDF format. 



Last but not least...

We would like to thank you for your contribution. Yes, you all had your share in this! You shared your opinions, suggestions, and requests regarding current and new velvet and suede materials – we listened to your feedback and took your requests into consideration, and here we are! After months of searching for the perfect materials and testing them out for you, we’ve made it to the finish line. Thank you for your input and we are looking forward to pictures of your finished products in our new materials! Tag us on oUr social media and include the hashtag #reasontoprint!  

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