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We're open! | nPhoto update

Friday, March 27, 2020 - 11:32
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We just want to share our thoughts and give you some updates on the current situation with the coronavirus and how it's affected us.
Your sales advisors are happy to help you and are available through e-mail and phone. Also, our customer service team is to be reached via the usual channels during the normal working week. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to talk about the current situation or are having some business-related questions.

We are doing the best we can to deliver safe and best-quality products to you and your customers while taking all the precautionary actions recommended by the officials. The health and safety of you and our employees are our top priority that is why staff who can work from home are doing so.


The turnaround time is not affected and you should receive your products within the given time frame. We are also fully stocked and the supply chains are under control. Shifts have been introduced to the production department to minimize the number of staff on-site at any given time.

The courier companies in Poland are picking up our parcels as usual and the international flow of goods and services is not affected so you should expect to receive your products as normal (although there might be some delays from the courier companies). We are monitoring the situation very carefully. All we know for the time being is that some post codes might be excluded from product deliveries. If this happens to your area you will be able to see this in your cart.


How to cope
We know that photography in itself is mostly a self-isolating job so we want to let you know that you are not alone and are deeply appreciated by us, here at nPhoto.
We can only imagine the stress you are experiencing from both a health and a financial point of view.  We are all in this together. We are so grateful that you spread your customers’ joyful moments through our Photo Albums spreads and now in this unprecedented times when the whole world is anxious we should be helping each other stay calm and not fuel anxiety. Let’s spread positivity instead.

Let’s share your inspirations on how to strengthen business muscles while at home or any thoughts on how to be proactive now. Some of our ideas:

1. Reach out to past clients
One of our customers just wrote to us:
“I am looking into offering some specials for the previous year's brides and families who have not ordered albums from me, so it may not be as bad. People may have time now while being at home to organize their family photos, so it could be an opportunity. “

2. Offer gift certificates
“I think a great idea is to sell gift certificates that can be redeemed later in the year, so as people feel more comfortable venturing out they will be ready to schedule with you, and it brings in some cash flow now. Also selling new products to past clients is a great option as well!” - Rachael Boer

3. Bookings canceled or postponed? 
All about the postponement policy and how to deal with clients here (it’s FREE):

4. Educate youself & take advantage of the available offers
If you have some spare time we would encourage you to learn new things and now CreativeLive offers FREE on-air photography classes available here:

5. Check your equipment
Go through your photo archive, backups, make sure you have only the files you need. Get rid of junk. Check if your hard drives are in good condition, avoid filling them over 90% of their capacity. 

Additional offers from our partners here:

nPhoto Community UK & IE               nPhoto Community USA & CA

Remember to follow the official guidelines for keeping our communities safe. We hope you and your families stay healthy and safe.
nPhoto Team

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