Ready-made patterns for your Fine Art Print Box

Friday, May 7, 2021 - 12:00
Box for Fine Art Prints, nPhoto, professional photo products

You asked for cover personalisations

Our Fine Art Print Boxes are finished in A30 - Warm Grey Duo-weave Textile and until recently had no options for cover personalisation. We've added ten brand new patterns that you can select from to complete your Fine Art Print Box with. Each pattern is ready-made but has the option of adding a name(s) and date.


Ten new Fine Art Print Box cover patterns

Allow us to introduce the new patterns! Below are the cover patterns that you can select for your product in the cart. Remember that you can always leave your Fine Art Print Box cover plain if you wish. In the assortment of cover patterns you'll find ones to fit any genre. Some are plain texts while others have a simple pattern or a colorful illustration. You'll be able to preview your chosen design and the personalised text on the product once you've added it to your cart. You can always edit products added to the cart if needed or remove them if your client changes their mind.



Adding a personalisation to the cover

To add a personalisation select it when customising your product. The names and dates are added in the designing process in our free Online (product) Designer accessed from the cart. You can preview your chosen pattern and start personalising the text once you've added the product to your cart and selected 'Design Project Online'.


What other add ons are there in the Fine Art Print Box?

Watch the video below and visit the Fine Art Print Box page.

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