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Lite Album - new options from 2023
Lite Album - new options from 2023 2
Lite Album gilding pattern
Lite Album gilding for communion
Lite Album gilding pattern for communion
Lite Album for mini sessions available in three collections
Lite Album Spring Season
Lite Album
Lite Album Spring

Lite Albums

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The perfect professional print product for those shorter, yet meaningful occasions, mini-sessions, and/or those on a budget. Our Lite Album offers the same high-end elegance, quality, and lay flat spreads as our full albums, scaled to a handy and practical 3-40 spread option.

Two beautiful paper types to select from, Fuji Lustre and Mohawk Eggshell. These paper types are mounted back to back, with spreads at 300g and 400g respectively. Additionally, you can now modify the cover of your Lite Album by selecting one of the available covers options: An A30 textile finish, velvet textiles, leatherettes, Semi-gloss laminate (textured, pearl-like finish), and Matte laminate.

Additionally, we have now introduced Gilding to the matte laminate cover option! Your Lite Albums can now be accentuated like never before, simply search for the designs with a golden circle on them in the nShop. The non-gilded versions of these designs are still there as well.


Available formats

Our Lite Albums are available in the following format:

20x20 cm / 8 x 8" / 200 x 200 mm
20 x 20 cm / 8 x 8"
25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10"  / 250 x 250 mm
25 x 25 cm / 10 x 10"
30x30 cm
30 x 30 cm / 12 x 12"


Cover materials for Lite albums

Warm Grey Duo-weave Textile
Oatmeal Matte Leatherette
Pitch Black Matte Leatherette
Frothy White Matte Leatherette
Deep Sea Blue Velvet Textile
Emerald Green Velvet Textile
Soft Rose Pink Velvet Textile
Ecru Beige Velvet Textile
Camel Brown Velvet Textile
Aquamarine Blue Velvet Textile



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Available features


This exclusive finish adorns the cover with a 3D-like golden print.

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Lite Album Creative 100% Collection

About Lite Album

The Lite Album has been recently updated, complying with the needs of our photographers and their clients. The Lite Album is available in the following cover finishes:

A30 - a hardcover finished in A30 Warm Grey Duo-weave Textile with the option to personalise the cover with a text or custom logo in UV Print
Matte laminate - with a matte laminate hardcover. Design a full wrap printed cover or select a pattern from the many available, including gilded patterns
Semi-gloss laminate (textured, pearl-like finish) - bound in pearl-like textile
Velvet textiles: V6 - Deep Sea Blue, V7 - Emerald Green, V11 - Soft Rose Pink, V15 - Ecru Beige, V18 - Camel Brown
Leatherettes: E4 - Pitch Black Matte, F1 - Frothy White Matte, C16  - Oatmeal Matte

Select a ready-made pattern to apply to your product's cover. The interior personalisation options are identical. Rigid spreads come available in our most-popular Fuji Luster and Mohawk Eggshell papers (more on paper types here), and between 3-40 can be selected. However they are slightly thinner than on our typical Photo Albums. There is no interior cover, i.e. the first & last spreads come adhered to the cover. Truly, the most efficient product you’ll find, our Lite Albums are sure to take your business to the next level.

Our Lite Album is designed with you, the professional photographer in mind. Newborn photographers, especially, will love this simple, yet sophisticated product that fits perfectly with a small number of images from their newborn sessions. 

No matter if you are doing Spring and Christmas mini sessions, or Cake Smash photo sessions you do not need to compromise. Don’t let your beautiful photos end up in a drawer and offer your customers an affordable product that will both impress them and help you make extra money as a professional photographer. What you do is important; it makes a difference, and nPhoto is here to help you.