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Early 2022 Changes at nPhoto

Tuesday, February 1, 2022 - 09:32
What to expect from nphoto products in 2022

What to expect from us this year.


Since you are our trusted business partner (and we will never change this approach to all of our business relations) we want you to know what the future has in store. We’ll be covering various upcoming offer changes as well as a few difficult decisions that have been made so far.

First thing’s first: development

First of all, we wish to tell you that we have many plans for the future. There will be new products, new materials, cover options, technologies and various improvements to our production & service process. We still intend to keep up with the growing trends of the photoproduct market. It all sounds a bit obvious, but we want to get the formalities out of the way in that you know we’ve set a high bar as always. In general, if only one thing could be taken out of all this - it’s that we want to grow. We want to grow in a way that benefits all photographers.

What does this mean for you in practice? You will have access to the best products, at the best prices in terms of value, with a relatively short production time. Our goal is to ensure that you feel you are cared for, so that you can always be confident with your choices, and for those choices to be made together with us.

Second: A Price increase

2021 and the year before it were very difficult for all of us. We encountered many unexpected twists and turns - and even more questions than answers. Worker quarantines, supply chain disruptions, unavailability of basic materials with massive price bumps attached to them. Shortages of paper, textiles, dyes and many other components. Our production, supply and logistics departments worked to the bone to account for all of this. While it would be easy to just forget about all of it and move on, it’s a good time to look back and reflect on what the moral of this story is, and to use it as a force for good, to make this year simply turn out a tad better.

So, amidst this unsavory situation, we decided to push through. For you, our partners, for our workers, but also for the whole photography brand, which is facing identical problems today. We’ve come to a very difficult, but ultimately necessary decision - a price increase.

You’ve known us for a long time. We first started selling professional-level products back in 2008, and we’ve grown a lot in those 13 years. We’ve raised the quality of our services, invested back into new tech and equipment, hired new workers, built entirely new buildings to expand our production - but we haven’t done one thing yet. We haven’t raised the prices on our products, despite the ever-so increasing cost of creating them. By now, our hand has been forced.

You must be wondering if the increase will be steep. No. Our prices were always attractive, and we’ll make sure that they’ll stay that way. We are only raising them in accordance with need and fairness, and are only partially transferring the increased cost of supply onto our products. 

We know that you also need to verify and account for these changes in your own price lists - so these new price conditions will only take place after March 31st, 2022.

Any specifics will of course be kept private to your accounts, so that you can set up your own price list without worry - exact pricing will be shown here upon logging in after the changes are made. Currently, all active accounts will have an email sent to them redirecting them to what the prices will be. If you missed the email, contact your sales representative directly to see the updated prices. Their details can be found in the Customer Area after logging in in the right bottom corner.

Third: All account discounts are here to stay

The good news is that you will get to keep any account discount you may have had before, as per the agreement you have with your account manager. We treat these agreements with utmost respect, as they are a bonus for your continued support and cooperation.

We will still retain the vast majority of costs involved in sample production. Thanks to samples, you can show your offer to your clients in the best way possible and we don’t want to take that away from you. They will still be available with very attractive discounts.

Lastly: We wish you and all those involved a BETTER new year.

We want this year to be more positive and reassuring, and for all ongoing issues in the photography industry to be temporary. You can build your personal brand with the assurance that you have a solid partner at your side - we’re here for you, and we wouldn’t be anything without you.

We give you our thanks for the time which you have been with us. For the millions of products which we’ve been able to send out last year (and the 30% sales increase!) Despite the difficult situation on a global scale, you have put your trust in us, and with that we are more motivated than ever to fulfill all of your photo product orders.

With everything said, we can now officially state our new year’s resolution for 2022: Lots of hard work on our offers, even higher product quality and a return to the previous short delivery times which you know and love. For everything to be better.

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