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Wednesday, June 5, 2024 - 11:01
New E-Store nPhoto



And this time very big and serious ones
Because it's all about our e-store.
Be sure to read more!

For the past few months, we have been working on transforming our online store. Yes, the one you pick and purchase your favorite products from. Our goal has been to update and to integrate new functions to our website. And here comes the moment, where we can finally announce the results of our work. Seeing as eventually, these new tools and features will be available to you! To spread the news, we will also provide more information through email and on our social media pages.


The biggest change, compared to our previous e-store, is that it is open to ALL. What does this mean? Even without registration, any internet user can enter our website, see what products we offer and check the options available to them. Until now, only a photographer could do this, after going through a verification process. 

What doesn't change? Pricing is only available to photographers and purchases can only be made after registration. This means that your target customer can see our offer, get excited about it, and choose something for themselves. But they won't know how much the product costs until they ask you for your price.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this product catalog access will help you sell and collaborate with your customers. 



This may seem a tad immodest, however, we have been put under the impression and the conviction that our products have much to offer. Seeing as every single product has a wide variety of colorful materials, personalisation options, and acrylic windows. 

The amount of options are so vast that you can truly create something extraordinarily special for yourself. Its significance really shines when the product is ready, and you’re able to see it in person.

We replied to thousands of questions from photographers who are infatuated with our color combinations and selections. The products which we displayed on our website and on our social media. Not to mention the questions from when we presented our products at our convention displays. 

That’s why we decided to make it easier for both you and your customer to choose and view a specific product from our offer. So that you’ll be able to buy exactly what you see in our expanded range of photos.

In our new e-store, you can view specific products, with or without windows, with a particular material, with engravings or UV print, with a concrete sum of the product photo displayed and put together by you in the photo. All that would be left is to add it to your cart and voila. Simple and safe, because you will always know how the customization combo will look!



We live on the get go, we work fast, and we also want to place orders ASAP. Thats the world we live in which is why we fully understand and try our best to accommodate this fact while we put together our new nPhoto e-store. 
How will you save more time?

You take a look at the products photos, you pick the ones you like and add them to your cart → you don’t need to click to apply specific custom options for a product.
On the main product page, where you can view all products available, we summed up the statistically most picked options from the country you’re ordering. For eg. “5 of the bestselling materials for Photo Albums, in the format you chose, in the English market. This means you don’t need to click through all the materials in our offer, since the system will present you with 5 of the best options.
Options picked on rare occasions will be accessible on a separate section to ensure they don’t get in the way and lengthen the purchase path of the vast majority of our costumers, who never select them
Finally, we reduced the amount of steps bridging you between selecting a product, to adding it into your cart. 



In the new nShop we focused highly on the visual aspect. Showcasing the beauty and variety of our products as well as possible. Which is why we took many photos, but also short videos displaying the most important features of a product.

We decided to do this for you, and also for your customer, so that both of you may properly view the products you decide on. You as a photographer, have the capability to imagine and visual things in your head. However, will every single one of your clients be able to visualize the products which they plan to purchase? We are convinced that it would be easier to make a confident decision upon viewing high quality photos and videos. We are convinced that it’ll be much easier for your customers to make a decision after viewing some high quality photos and videos. They’ll take a liking to the product and the order will be made! You’ll get the margin you want from the product and everyone will gain!



You can order products with our new site in two ways:

1. Do it yourself: Create the product, pick all the options from the beginning, picking out the format and other options in the second step
2. Do this with us: if you find a product thats to your liking, you can edit the details such as the fabric color, or window dimensions.



We’re completely changing our approach to selling product sets, sets will be available in the MENU section and prompted as you shop. Ultimately, there will be many more of them, they will be much more diverse, composed of different products and priced differently than before. Different, but of great benefit to you!

More details related to the range of products you can purchase will appear in our new store, shortly after opening. We appreciate your patience.



Instead of product lines, you will find the type of covers you can choose from for products such as the Photo Album or Photo Book. This allows you to change the product cover during the ordering process, something which up to this point, was not possible. Going back a step would mean starting over from scratch.


  • “Printed”, currently referred to as Creative 100%
  • “ Acrylic Windows”, which were used on the covers of the Acrylic Prestige or Classic
  • “Without Acrylic windows”, a cover type from the Classic line
  • “Wooden”, these covers will be new additions to the cover types
  • “Other”, look here for the Black Star and White Lady (unchanged for now)

We are hoping that this new change will improve your ordering experience with us.



The most important changes in the nShop include:

  • The store is open for everyone (without price visibility). Everyone will be able to view the product selection and customisation options,
  • You’ll be able to place your order faster, selecting the photo of the product you want to your cart,
  • Beside each product we will provide you with the statistically most popular options (based on your country),
  • Many more photos and videos of  “ready to order” products,
  • An increasingly efficient MENU bar, which will allow you to view products such as the Accordion Mini Book quicker. Instead of searching through a sub category in Photo Products, which was the case up to this point,
  • We will replace the product lines and organize our products through cover types,
  • More, varying product package sets, priced differently than previously,
  • Complete Set- in the new store there’ll be a new set: Photo Album + Box,
  • You can build all your products from scratch, picking out specific options provided, or edit the pre made options prepared by us.



Last but not least, we have one more important piece of information: the work on our e-store doesn’t end once it launches. More improvements and changes will appear gradually. So we will make sure to keep you informed on all updates!
But for now, we wish you an enjoyable time as you use our new store. Check it out, test it, let us know how you like it! We’re open to any comments!


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