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Senior Photo Albums

Senior Photo Albums

Immerse yourself in the world of print, with this page's hand-picked products tailored for their particular popularity among senior photographers. Whether you only cover portraits, or offer complex, full-scale shoots, you're guaranteed to find something that'll benefit your offer!

Graduation Photo Albums

Graduation Photo Albums

Looking for a graduation photo album? Maybe even a graduation photo book for the daring? You've got it all right here - our rich, varied customization options allow you to create print specified for any style of photography, and this includes print for senior photographers. See what our different product collections have to offer in terms of paper options, and adorn photos from your senior portrait sessions in thick or thin, matte or glossy paper.

Personalised Senior Photo Albums

Personalised Senior Photo Albums

You can customize not only the print inside, but also the cover to your heart's content. The Exclusive collection in particular sports the widest selection of personalization options for its cover, while the Acrylic Prestige collection has become a favorite for senior photography. There are other options too - different materials to choose from (textiles, leatherettes, velvets, suedes,) padded covers, rounded edges, metal corners, not to mention all of the text options to boot. Print, emboss, engrave - it's up to you.

Senior Photo Books

Senior Photo Books

As we've mentioned - here's an alternative to the traditional Photo Album that'll give you a sleeker, more modern look. While keeping its thinner design, the Photo Book Pro lets you fill up to 120 pages, giving you plenty of space for those longer shoots. This book-style design is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to normal albums, and senior photographs give no exception.

Complete Set - Best seller among Senior photographers

Complete Set - Best seller among Senior photographers

This iconic product bundle is the definitive way of presenting your senior photo album. Your senior albums will get their own box with an optional USB stick inside, transcending the barrier between print and digital. Make those senior photography sessions truly last forever.

Build your senior photography packages

Build your senior photography packages

Now you've got your senior books and your wall art - combining them is only natural. There are other products for this too. Start with your entry options by giving them a Triplex or Accordion Mini-book, and top off your most premium selection with a Folio Box, or the aforementioned Acrylic Print. Senior photo albums can be the mainstay, but they don't have to look lonely!

Wall Art for Senior Photographers

Wall Art for Senior Photographers

Let's not limit ourselves to albums! A genre that makes frequent use of portraits simply must utilize wall decor to its fullest. Your senior photo packages could always grab more attention with one or two showstoppers, like our Acrylic or Framed Prints.

Senior studio sample guide

Senior studio sample guide

Looking for some more senior photography ideas? We can give you tips, suggestions, and all you'll need to make an educated decision on ordering your first senior pictures portfolio album. Click here to download our PDF guide!


Acrylic cover Photo Albums for senior photographers
Graduation Photo Album with cut out window cover
image wrapped graduation photo album
Acrylic cover professional photo album
Cut-out window photo cover album

Each of these collections came out on top as a genre bestseller - and for good reason. They'll present your subject in the best way possible, either through their stunning, premium covers or archival quality paper options.


senior photography poses
gradutation portrait session
nicki hufford
photo albums design ideas
senior photography sessions
senior portrait sessions
senior photo albums design ideas
senior album
nicki hufford 1
senior photography by nicki hufford
gradutation photography session


A premium photo product can make the difference between a satisfied client and an overjoyed customer-for-life. While it's good to make sure that your work is top-notch, make sure to do the same with your offers.


Stacy Jacob
Stacy Jacob
Senior Photography

The number one thing every senior looks forward to after the session is definitely their album. [...] From the moment they see the album options, and how each page can really tell the story of every aspect of their personality in pictures, that is the must have. The custom covers are the best part. We always send the album swatches in our Welcome Packet before their session so they can begin with the end in mind. Every senior we photograph chooses an album based on being able to envision themselves in it beforehand.

Nicki Hufford
Nicki Hufford
Senior Photography

The parents are totally digging the Albums, they love the presentation of them [...] I let them choose between an Album or a Folio Box [...] and it's 50/50. They still have a little bit of a choice and I feel like it's really working well.


Photo Album with a matching Box
Complete Set
Alu Dibond Metal Print
Alu-dibond Metal Print
Acrylic  Cover Photo Album
Graduation Folio Box

These products can accompany your main album in a similar style, giving those portrait shots a whole lot more to show. An excellent offer as an add-on or a part of your package which will add value both to you and to your client.


Why is your pricing hidden from the main page?

We value the confidentiality of photographer businesses - you set your pricing in accordance with how you value your work. To maintain this, pricing is visible only after signing up and getting verified on our website.

What is the turnaround and shipping time like? Can you ship to my area?

While the overall production & shipping situation is constantly changing, you will find the most up-to-date information here. This includes the list of locations we currently ship to. Our standard production time has usually been around 3-5 business days, with shipping around 4 business days depending on your location.

Can you ship directly to my clients? Is there a paper invoice in the package?

Yes, we can :) unless enabled otherwise, by default, all orders will be sent out without a physical invoice - you will find all necessary paperwork in your account's order history.

How do I order the products that I'm interested in?

After signing up and logging in for the first time, you can enter the customer area, which gives you access to most of what the website has to offer. Choosing "select product" on that page will take you to the nShop, where you may customise a product of your choosing and add it to your cart!

Do you offer studio sample discounts for senior photographers?

Of course! Once you've created and designed your first product, you may also be able to use an ongoing sample offer, usually in the form of a promo code. For any specific sample offer you may be interested in, don't hesitate to contact your account manager, who is assigned to you during the signup process. You can find their contact info in the customer area. Samples are almost identical to the real thing asides from a label designating them as such - more info about our sample labels here.

How do I design Photo Albums and Photo Books?

Your cart gives you access to two main options - the online desinger (nDesigner) and an uploader. The nDesigner allows you to design an album project from scratch, provided that you have the photos ready, while the uploader allows you to send pre-finished spreads if you use an external software for this purpose.

Can I personalise covers? How is it done?

The nShop provides a vast amount of customization options on most products - various collections for specialised purposes, text on the cover in 3 different application methods, materials, designs, finishes and much more. Visit our get inspired page to see some examples!

What is the difference between the Photo Album, the Photo Book Pro, and the DreamBook 4K?

A Photo Album typically features thick, rigid spreads which are lay-flat. The Photo Book is separated into pages and isn't lay-flat, following more of a "book-like" design philosophy. The Dreambook 4K combines both, creating a semi lay-flat design while using pages, and offers our highest resolution printing options. Each product is offered with almost identical cover options.

Where can I find more info regarding cover materials?

Our materials page can be found here. You can also download an unbranded PDF showing examples of our materials and other extra cover options here. To physically touch & see the currently available materials for yourself, or to get extra assistance in offering to your clients, grab a swatch book with your next order here.