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Photo Album Exclusive & Triplex

photo album exclusive and triplex in black leatherette collection boudoir photography professional print by nphoto

Photo Album Exclusive and Triplex

A 10x10" (25x25cm) Photo Album with a matching 8x12" (20x30cm) Triplex. A minimal yet luxurious set in E4 Pitch Black Matte Leatherette. Both are decorated with personalized UV print text on the covers.

The Photo Album contains 5 spreads printed on Fuji Silk paper but you can upgrade it to up to 40. It also has black spacers and inside covers to match the overall style.

Triplex prints are board mounted but you can also choose to add a passepartout or a glossy acrylic finish.

Please note: projects contain 'your text here' demo text for UV prints, don't forget to edit before ordering.

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