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Sometimes your clients' memories and your artwork deserve something a little more than a standard print. For these special occasions, you can use our gallery wrapped stretched canvas that is mounted on a special wooden frame. This wall decor product is prevented from any possible damages, due to adding black felt strips on the backsides.

The highest quality of our printing is the key to your success. That's why, we use Epson 10-color UltraChrome HDR ink that provides a wider tonal range, print clarity, and colour profile.

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Available formats

Currently Canvases are available in the following formats:

 wall decor

3:1 Wall Decor

3:2 Wall Decor

4:3 Wall Decor


How to mount hooks onto Canvas? Each Canvas come equipped with one or two metal hangers depending on the size of your product. Watch the video and see how to mount them properly to your product.

About Canvas

nPhoto’s canvases sheets have a weight of 250 gsm. We have two choices of frame depth, which is how much they stand out from the wall, 2 cm or 4 cm deep. The handcrafted construction frame is made of pine wood.

The backsides are covered in black felt strips that are glued to the handcrafted wooden frame. These strips hide the unsightly staples and also provide a further form of protection for your client's walls.

Featuring two extra colours - green and orange - the Epson Ultrachrome HDR (High Dynamic Range) ink set is the ultimate professional photo ink that achieves the highest level of colour accuracy. It allows us to significantly raise the level of print quality. Orange tones like sunsets will be much more illuminating while grass and foliage will look more vivid and natural. You will be delighted to see that the orange ink also lessens the graininess in skin tones.

Photo wall art is a growing home decor trend. Don’t stay behind by not offering photo wall decor to your clients. People love and appreciate more and more the ability to surround themselves with images of their happy family and incorporating them into their home decor. Single, large canvas makes a perfect focal point to any house. On the other hand, photo wall art gallery created from professional canvases in various formats and sizes is a great solution for upselling. With each session, your client will be able to add another piece of art to their gallery collection. Give your clients professional wall art so they re-live their precious memories every day. Contact us and your assigned personal advisor will explain how to start with our products. 

Please note that the shipping cost of canvases 50x70cm/70x50cm or bigger may be higher than the regular shipping cost of canvases. Prices will be verified by customer service.