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Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print alu-dibond wall decor professional photographer
Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print aluminium wall decor for professional photographer

Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print

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Have your artwork truly stand-out with our Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints. 

Distinctive for its ‘floating’ picture appearance, our Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints actually stack a metal print, mounted onto over-sized, 6mm thick, black MDF board, or MDF board finished with white passepartout, creating a wonderful visual effect.

The print itself is printed directly onto horizontally-brushed aluminium to create a strikingly metallic, reflective finish. 

Hang your product with ease, as it comes fitted with 8mm MDF wall mounts attached to the back.


Available formats

Sizes are provided accordingly for full product (product perimeter)/print in both inches and millimeters below. Currently our Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints are available in the following formats:

200x200mm / 120x120mm
210x300mm / 130x186mm
300x210mm / 186x130mm
300x300mm / 220x220mm
12x16.5” - dystans
300x420mm / 220x308mm
420x300mm / 308x220mm
 20x28” - dystans
500x700mm / 420x588mm
700x500mm / 588x420mm

Stylish layered effect

Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print

1. Alu-dibond - a composite material that consists of two sheets of aluminium sandwiching a flexible black polyethylene core so you can be sure your products are solid and durable

2. White cardboard (optional)

3. MDF wood backboard

Product features


Sure to the catch the eye of your clients, our Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints are available in multiple size options; square, landscape, and portrait format; and a black or white passepartout MDF board finish. Watch the video beside and order your own sample to fully experience the impressive visual display of this product.

Get a Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print sample offer

Aludibond Metal Print - Sample Deal

About Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Print

Our Stacked Alu-dibond Metal Prints, or sometimes referred to as double float metal prints, or shadow gap frame prints, bring a new dimension to your studio and wall decor product offering. 

Metal prints and layered metal prints are seeing an increase in popularity and this product, with its unique design, is the perfect solution to keep your professional photography studio the talk of the town. The Alu-dibond prints raised on an over-sized MDF plaque gives your image the appearance as if it were both levitating, or floating in the air; as well as framed elegantly within a traditional frame. This effect, coupled with the eye-popping, reflective finish of the metal print will be sure to catch your client’s attention and have them asking for more. 

This product comes ready to display right out of the box and also includes a microfibre cloth for easy self-care. Assembly elements such as nails and screws are not included.  

NOTE: The colour white will appear silver (non-printed, brushed Alu-dibond). Alu-dibond sheets are dark grey/silver and the additional brushed texture makes images on these products appear darker. Keep in mind, that at certain angles, light is reflected differently on the product, this creates the shine and brightens the image.


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