Your portfolio, our handmade photo albums: Get a sample of love at first sight!

Thursday, September 14, 2023 - 15:15
Handmade photo album complete set package

Another year, and another photography shooting season is looming just around the corner!

Naturally, we want to give you the best chances of being prepared to show your clients the kind of work that only you can offer - which is why we’re going to be offering you an 85% discount on a Photo Album & Complete Set sample! This will also help you stay up-to-date with a recent change that we’ve introduced to our Album’s core design. Further details below.

Photo Albums are, simply put, the one thing that tends to steal the show when it comes to the typical client order. For many photographers, it is the centrepiece of their offer; no full photo session is ever truly complete without a Complete Album Set made in an act of its commemoration. Nothing makes past memories stay well-remembered better than a physical Photo Album, especially one that was hand-made with the same amount of care that you put into your photo sessions.

And so, dear photographer, it’s high time for you to commemorate your own work and continued success in the photography business. You’ve likely been shooting dozens of photo sessions every year, so why not reflect that by showing your prospective clients something new as well? Any returning client would see this as a show of your dedication to the craft. Furthermore, this gives you an opportunity to expand your portfolio toward any kinds of photography that you may find yourself becoming more experienced in.

Get your 85% discount package

In addition to the sample deal, signing up will also give you access to some well sought-after goodies, such as:

  • A new set of product mockups relevant to the album offer, to assist you in promoting your own services online (mockups are made to be designed with your own photos)
  • A collection of pre-made project designs for our offer-related products
  • 3 unbranded video presentations of our products, featuring the Photo Album, the Complete Set & Retro Prints
  • A freshly updated PDF previewing all of the paper types available at nPhoto in detail
  • And the best for last: once the sample code is used, you will also receive a separate code for a pack of Art Prints at just 1 GBP/USD/EUR!

A much-needed sample update

As you may have already heard, we have recently updated the way our Photo Album’s spine is made. This makes it important to have an up-to-date sample at hand, so as to prevent any confusion that may arise at future client meetings to come - if you intend on continuing to show them your existing product portfolio, that is. The new spine is flat instead of rounded, slightly changing the overall visual aesthetic of the product.




This offer entitles you to an 85% discount on a Photo Album and/or Complete Set with Photo Album sample. Products will be discreetly labeled as a ‘Sample Product’.  In addition, the promo code for Retro Prints set priced at 1 gbp/usd/eur can be used at checkout in the same order as samples from this offer or upon ordering at least one sample from this offer. The Promo code for Retro Prints priced at 1 gbp/usd/eur will not work before ordering at least one sample product from this offer. Samples can be ordered in one or separate orders. Sample USB in Complete Set does not contain a memory chip. Prices will be discounted automatically once you add products from the offer to the cart, upload your photos, and enter the promo code in the appropriate section before checkout.  The offer is valid through October 26th, 2023. For clients based in the US and outside Europe, the discount code will apply only with FedEx chosen as a shipping method. The offer cannot be combined with other promotions on the same product.

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