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Thicker Photo Album Spreads For All your Browsing Needs

Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - 13:13
Thicker Spread

A lot of our changes come as a direct result of your suggestions - and thick Photo Album spreads are just that. You’ll now find them as an optional nShop add-on when designing Photo Albums going forward.

We’ve heard time and time again that Photo Albums with thicker spreads leave a stronger first impression - and we must concede, it’s true! There is a “premium” look to them that simply can’t be emulated by anything else.

The difference can be easily spotted with the naked eye, but to give you a better sense of comparison (and to help explain this to your clients in finer detail):

- 800gsm is the standard thickness for our Photo Album spreads 

- Our new, thicker spreads measure around 1600gsm

With such a major difference, there are bound to be a few limitations.


Why offer thicker spreads:

- They are often perceived as a hallmark of high quality; even an Album with a smaller number of spreads will appear more impressive to your client. 

- With their help, shorter photo shoots can now still make use of a premium Photo Album. 

- Thicker spreads are a great fit for many kinds of photography genres, and make for a great gift to parents & grandparents.

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