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The New Pendrive Box With Accordion Mini Book, Like Good Coffee: A Warm Accent For Your Brand

Wednesday, July 12, 2023 - 14:22
The New Pendrive and Accordion Mini Book Box

We know that clients aren't always looking for printed products, and that's why we've created the Pendrive Box with Accordion Mini Book. It's sure to interest even clients who aren't looking for printed photo products. In addition, it works as a creative gift for your favorite clients or as a small bonus for photo sessions.

Like great, premium coffee, this product will warm your image among clients and breathe life into your brand. It's like a combination of flavors, combining print and digital in one practical and valuable product.

With this product, you enhance client satisfaction by presenting both Pendrive and Accordion Mini Book in a personalized velvet package – a delightful tactile experience perfect for all occasions and photography.


Here are some details about the Pendrive Box with Accordion Mini Book: 

  • Its dimensions are 10x15 cm/3.9x5.9"
  • The box cover can have the same color as the USB and Accordion Mini. 
  • Available in Emerald Green Velvet (V7), Soft Rose Pink Velvet (V11), Off White Velvet (V14), Crimson Red Velvet (V20), and Aquamarine Blue Velvet (V23). 
  • The Accordion Mini Book will hold 12 to 18 photos
  • The Pendrive can come with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage capacity. 
  • Overall, you can choose among seven different patterns for both the box cover and the cover of the Accordion.

Keep reading to learn more details about how you can benefit from this new box version.

...or click the link below and start designing the new box in the nShop.

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Where can you find the new box, and what’s the quickest way to order it?

You’ll find it along the way to the nShop’s packaging section or in the Accordion Mini Book, Data Carriers, or Bestsellers section.

So, how can you motivate and inspire your clients to order more than just digital copies?

Of course, you could always sell a mini set using our new box and thus increase your margin for mini sessions or increase the value of your product packages for regular orders.

Some of the biggest reasons clients will tend to give are, "We don't need it." "We can't afford it." or "We will order it ourselves." You can then surprise them with this velvety box which holds the Pendrive and Accordion Mini Book inside.

There is a much greater chance that they’ll buy photo products from you next time, and even if they don't, they’ll be more likely to recommend you, and the box will act as a portable advertisement for your brand after that.

It's not just about the coffee but the cup you drink from

Whether you're served coffee in a regular mug or a handcrafted porcelain cup makes a world of difference. Similarly, you can think of offering your customers a kind of porcelain cup when you package both products in the New Pendrive and Accordion Box. 

Plus, you can get extra packaging, which are handcrafted Gift Boxes made from coffee grounds!

So, if you're struggling to come up with product ideas that'll surprise your customers, consider the new Pendrive Box with Accordion Mini Book. You're sure to give your clients a product they'll enjoy far longer than a cup of coffee.

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