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A New Website: What’s Changed and What it Means for You.

Friday, May 17, 2019 - 15:05
nPhoto new website

Yes, we have a completely redesigned website. Kind of big deal, right? Well, don’t worry it’s only a big deal in positive sense. You’ll see below exactly what we mean by that.  As for now, we believe there’s a saying out with the old, in with the new, and that’s what this change brings to life. Say goodbye to any past frustrations and hello to a whole new, modern user experience. 

Designed to vastly improve; ease and enhance your experience our latest web design is a sleek, simplistic format with many new features. Today we’re going to run through just what differentiates this model from the old one, and highlight what those new, fantastic features are exactly.

nShop Becomes Customer Area

Arguably, the most significant change to our web platform is the revamped ‘nShop’, or client area, or as we now call it: ‘Customer Area’. 

In some ways, the Customers Area is the old nShop, but in many ways, it’s much more than that. The Customer Area is a new, more detailed, highly intuitive customer profile that includes an ordering platform very similar to the old nShop, but also the ability to view your order history, our price list, and many other vital details for our clients like yourself to have easy access to.

Yet, fear not, despite this change, the Customer Area is easily navigable – intentionally designed to be self-assisting and clear to follow along with. Of course, if any trouble does arise, please contact our customer support immediately as they will be happy to assist you.

Also, for our existing clients your log in details will remain the same as they were with the old site and old nShop. The Customer Area is, indeed, a restricted area and will require logging in to gain access.

Attention: Just to be clear, our Price List is now accessible in our Customer Area.

Products Per Collection

The next most significant change is the ability, now, to view all the products available in our varying collections, by collection. Previously, you could only browse our range by product and then select a collection. Now you can select a particular collection first and see which products and features are available to that collection specifically.

For example, let’s say you love our Acrylic Prestige collection; you can now click on the Acrylic Prestige collection in our “Collections” tab and view all the products that come available in that collection – Photo Album, Photo Book Pro, DreamBook 4K, Complete Sets, Album Box, Traditional Self-Mount, et al. and the design options available for the collection’s products.

BONUS: 'Related Products' and 'Products in the Collection'

Additionally, an exciting new feature is our ‘Related Products’ and 'Products in the Collection' display. With our ‘Related Products’ and 'Products in the Collection' feature our software will automatically show you products that perfectly supplement the product page you are viewing. It’ll now be easier than ever to assemble a bundle of similar and complementary products to provide irresistible collections for your studio and your own clients. 
Use these collections to improve your chances at an upsell by having one of your own in your studio and showing in-person the benefits of combing, for example, a Folio Box with a Photo Album in an order. Now all this is possible and easily accessible with our ‘Related Products’ and 'Products in the Collection' feature.  

Clickable Icons

Speaking of personalization icons: You’ll notice that not only does each personalization option we offer have a great new icon, but these are all clickable. Upon clicking you’ll see images depicting how each option actually looks when applied to a product. No more, (not so) pleasant surprises when you order a feature for the first-time and find it to NOT be what you had expected. You can now order confidently knowing exactly what you’ll get before you click ‘purchase’.

Modern, Mobile Friendly

If you’re someone who felt like our old website was clunky and old-fashioned, rest assured as our new rendition is not only simple, but also minimalist and highly intuitive. As alluded to in the previous section about the Customer Area, a main goal of ours when designing our new website was to provide a more functional and up-to-date user platform. With this in mind we also stressed designing a platform specifically compatible for mobile and portable devices, and ease of use.

Consider this new web launch our embracing-the-mobile-media party; everything you need in one convenient place; clearly visible and navigable on all phones, tablets, and other mobile devices as well as the traditional laptop/PC. 

Well there you have it. A look into the major, exciting new features our new (and obviously improved) website provides. Be sure to leave some comments below about what you think of this news and changes, what you like most about the new site, or even what you think can still be improved. We are always looking to better ourselves for our customers. So, go on, click here and experience our new website now.


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